Wednesday Briefs: December 11, 2013

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Controller – Chapter 8 : by Jon Keys:

I almost ran into Eli as I charged head down to my next class. Being exhausted and more than a little frustrated didn’t help my attitude

“Hey, bud,” said Eli. “What’s up?”

I sighed and started to let the question roll off me with one of the half dozen standard replies. Instead I decided Eli was a good person to share this problem with. “Bad night. Tony came home with a girl and they thought I was asleep. Then the rest of the night was spent with me listening to him beg for sex, the two minutes it took for him to get off and then the two hours of crying from the girl who said she’d just given her virginity to my asshole roommate. Then this morning he’s sprawled everywhere, more dead than alive.”

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams

The fragrance tickling Sian’s nose told her the oatmeal cookies were done, seconds before the timer buzzed. She lifted the oven mitts from the counter and pulled a cooling rack from the cupboard. Setting the warm cookie sheet on the stove top, she chuckled as she picked up the spatula. Earlier she had grabbed it as a weapon against Ian. Now, she used it to lift warm, gooey, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies off the hot tray and place them on the rack to cool.

Her stomach rumbled with delight at the smell. She placed her hand on her belly.

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Pancakes and Passion – Chapter 1: by Lily Velden:

It all started over pancakes.

Pancakes swimming in butter and maple syrup to be precise.

How, you ask, can the greatest love story of all time have started over pancakes?

Well, let me tell you…

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It’s All in the Tips #3: by; A.R. Von:

I want to turn and stare at him but I’m honestly afraid. Afraid—I’ll throw myself at him like some desperate slut who spreads her legs for any good looking Joe she meets. I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time with self-control and restraint with Mr. Sexy over there. I quickly think up a sort of escape plan and put it into action. I’m not ready to face him just yet. “Darla? Do you think you can cover here for a few? I want to talk with Marcia a little. I can’t think straight with this shit on my mind.”

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A New Beginning – Chapter 9: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

The waiting nearly killed me. Gar had the patience to wait as long as needed. Will, however, had ADHD – or that would have been the diagnosis if I had still been a kid. I finishing typing my text and sent it to Ryan. Not bad for a sixty eight year old man.

I missed Ryan–a lot. Another thing Gar wouldn’t feel. I needed to stop comparing myself to Gar as if he wasn’t really me. He’d been necessary at the time, but wishing I’d kept parts of him led me toward a place I didn’t want to go–detachment.

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Defining Freedom #4: Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib watched Teman pulled his tunic off and stepped forward to take it. Teman sat and began to work off his boots. When Ghalib saw Teman was starting to get frustrated, he knelt in front of Teman, reaching for it. “Hello!”

Ghalib smiled up at him. “Hello,” he said, then ducked his head and focused on the boot. He always had the worst time hiding his fascination with Teman when he was around the man. Instead, he focused on the boot and when it was off, he moved to the other one.

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Nighttime Promises – 20: by M.A. Church:

“I fully intend to.” Bryan took the weapons, slung both over his shoulder, grabbed Daroshi by the arm, and jerked him close. Bryan’s lips crashed down on Daroshi’s.

Tentacles writhed on Daroshi’s back. The aggressiveness in Bryan turned him on. He wanted… by the stars, he wanted to force Bryan to submit, see that needful desire in Bryan’s eyes. Nothing was more beautiful than Bryan in his submission.

He buried his hand in Bryan’s hair and jerked his mate closer. He took control of the kiss, dueling Bryan’s tongue into submission. A low growl enveloped them as Daroshi’s other hand dropped to Bryan’s groin.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

The voice continued to speak in Owen’s head, spouting words of freedom and denial and satisfaction due after a decade of being bound to a weak soul. The same voice from his dream that had claimed to be life. If this was life then why did it feel as if he were dying? The heat, boiling like a volcanic core, spread from deep inside, pushing outward, paving the way for…

“Finally, I will live.”

With the rush of heat came a need so enormous that the vast wanting barely fit within his skin. Lust and desire hit him hard.

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Sealed in Stone #24: by Tali Spencer:

Willem trailed kisses down Torrey’s neck and nibbled at his collarbone. It was heaven, being with him like this, discovering his body all over again. All those passings spent yearning and dreaming, and feeling more dead than alive….

“Willem, listen,” Torrey beseeched. “It’s important.”

“No, this is important.” Willem found Torrey’s mouth again and kissed him soundly. With all the ardor of true love, their cocks were hard again, pressing through the sticky remnants of their earlier release. Torrey’s moan of pleasure vibrated Willem’s probing tongue. They were both gasping when they parted.

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Lily Sawyer:

Tom never knew what kind of situation the firehouse would be called on to take care of.

Today was one of those calls Tom dreaded, and one that came all too frequently at this time of year.  Someone was on the bridge, threatening to jump. Tom never understood why people felt that taking their own lives was a solution to their problems.  Where were the family, friends, or co-workers to stop them from things getting this bad?

The woman looked to be in her late forties or early fifties; she’d climbed over the cement barrier and stood on the narrow ledge that jutted out over the water. It was at least a fifty-foot drop to the freezing river beneath. If the woman survived the fall, hyperthermia would set in in a matter of minutes in the frigid water.

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 8: by Nephylim:

Emma must have fallen asleep where she was sitting, because she woke suddenly to find herself lying across Tristan’s lap, her head pillowed comfortably on his thigh. Someone had wrapped her in a sleeping bag and blanket, and she was warm and contented.

The crack of a knot popping, as the fire settled, startled her. That must have been what woke her. In the eerie, flickering firelight, she raised her head, for a last glance around before settling again. Ash’s chair was empty

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Myths, Secrets and Love – chapter 6: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

Rodric twirled the golden chalice between his fingers before gulping down the remainder of the wine he’d been given. He lay back against the copper tub filled to the brim, with warm water. Alone at last. The servant that had tended to him had been thorough in washing his hair, shaving his beard and scrubbing his back, but he needed a few moments to himself. His mind was racing with all that had transpired in the last few days: The fight, the fire, Fergus vanishing, the loss, the hope, the sirens, the unicorns, the oath and the kiss. Rodric groaned, shutting his eyes tightly against the memory of that kiss.

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Take Flight: by Cia Nordwell:

Sayer leaned on the passenger window. Croll parked around the corner from the church near Birch’s house. They stared at the gray stone building crouching ominously in the center of the block. It had wide, square walls and tall, pointy spire. “Why here?”

“Ange said the guy talked about a Father. That means a priest in the human world. They called us demons; where else would they take him?”

“I’m surprised you’re not rushing in to find your beloved.” Croll tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.

“The last time I rushed I became a Darkling. My actions put Birch

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 14: by Rob Colton:

Eli spent nearly an hour getting ready for his date with Noah. Usually if was going out, he just threw something on. But something made him want to look good for Noah. Eli knew damn well the man was out of his league. If he needed to do a little something extra to keep him, then he would.

With his head freshly shaved, his beard freshly trimmed, he looked good. He pulled on a pair of his best black jeans along with a shirt he knew would show off his broad chest, shoulders and biceps. He left an extra button open, knowing Noah liked his chest hair almost as much as he liked his muscles.

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Thwarted – Part XIX: by Renee Stevens

“We seem to spend a lot of time in bed.”  Mark chuckled and slipped into his jeans.

“Hell, we’re looking at a year of celibacy.  I don’t think most people would condemn us.”  Trey pulled his t-shirt over his head.  He paused and looked at Mark but didn’t say anything else.

“What?” Mark wasn’t entirely sure he liked that look.

“Nothing.”  Trey headed out of the bedroom with Mark hot on his heels.

“I call bullshit.  What’s up?”

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Trapped in Time II – Chapter 8: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

The sheriff seems less than impressed with this information. Almost as much as I am. “Is that so?” he grunts noncommittally. “And where are you all staying, if I might ask?”

“At the hotel.” Shaughnessey never skips a beat, standing his ground against the lawman. I suppose he is used to dealing with all manner of people wherever he goes. Still, he had no right to say what is not so. Before I can protest, or correct the sheriff’s mistaken impression, the sheriff spits a stream of something brown and smelly into the street, luckily missing our feet.

“How long you intend to stay?” is his next question.

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Hope; Chapter 10: by Chris T. Kat:

Total silence followed the crash from the living room.


A panicked shriek answered my call. I hurried out of the bathroom, all kinds of horrible scenarios running through my head. What if Hope had hurt himself? What if he hurt himself real bad?

My pulse sped up, and breathing became an issue, even though the distance was short. Somehow I staggered into the living room, where I stopped, blinking at the scene that greeted me.

Hope must’ve climbed the shelves where some books, but mostly board games, lived. Shane hadn’t been much of a reader—although he loved to lie down with me and have me read stories to him—but he’d been enthusiastic about board games.

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