Wednesday Briefs: November 27, 2013

Today Wednesday Briefs welcomes a new Flasher  – Grace R. Duncan – to the fold. Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Hope: by Chris T. Kat:

I started when Hope jumped against my knees, barking. For him this was all a game, but for me? Taking him in yesterday had been the choice between living and giving up. I swallowed. Shane would’ve clocked me for ever having a thought in that direction. Then again, he remained dead, and I missed him every single minute of the day.

Hope dug his paws deep into my thighs, which elicited a pained grunt from me. “It’s okay, boy.”

I drew in a breath in an attempt to collect myself. Hope wagged his tail and looked up at me with his ears perked.

A New Beginning – Chapter 7: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Nothing. It didn’t totally surprise me, but I had hoped for more.

“Have you come for vengeance?”

He made my skin itch. I supposed he perfected the skill over a lifetime of using people. Still. It made me almost long for Gar’s detachment so I could smack him hard enough to permanently wipe the smirk off his face. But I could at least pretend.

“No. Had I come for that I’d have broken a few bones and made you suffer before I revealed myself to you.”

His bravado waned as his pulse rate spiked. For all his talk, he had the same fears as everyone.

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Trapped in Time II – Chapter 6: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

We wait to reconvene until after the rest of the camp is settled for the night, and after I have shaken off my persistent suitor—how can I not regard him as such when he makes his interest in me obvious to one and all? Even Charlie has noticed, as evidenced by his first comment once we are together once more.

“Flynn like Doll?” A slight frown creases his brow, and for that I cannot blame him, as I heartily concur—the idea is most distasteful, and insulting to my Vittorio.

“Too much.” I grimace my agreement.

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

J’dol stared at the uniformed man standing next to the black and white car. The man motioned to him. J’dol shifted and prepared to run then relaxed.

The man shouted over the top of his car. “We’ve been looking for a little boy. He’s run off.”

Relief and sadness swept through J’dol. The man wasn’t chasing him, but somewhere there was a terrified mother. He listened to the description, thought for a moment then shook his head. “No. Haven’t seen him. Hope you find him.”

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Thwarted: Part XVIII: by Renee Stevens:

Mark sighed and set his book aside.  He’d been trying to read for the last hour to no avail, he just couldn’t get into the story while his mind was occupied with Jackie’s proposal.  He could certainly see the benefits of living with his sister, whether he chose to go to school or get a job, he just didn’t think he could do it.

Granted, he’d be able to save a ton of money if he took her up on her offer, but he really wasn’t sure that it would be worth the lack of privacy.  The more he thought about it, the more he was fairly certain that he would rather just stay where he was.  That didn’t mean he wouldn’t still talk it over with Trey and get his opinion.

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Controller: by Jon Keys:

The night playing Halo had been cool. But I’d almost missed class the next day because we played until close to dawn. Jamie told me a little more about the gay-straight alliance on campus and I’d decided to go. I was wrapped in my thoughts when I heard.

“Hey! Nathan!”

I stopped and looked back to see Jamie and Eli trotting toward me. Once they were closer I smiled and gave them a little wave. “Hey, what’s up?”

“We were going to the GSA meeting and figured we’d go with you. Some of the meeting rooms are tricky to find in the student union.”

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It’s All in the Tips #2: by; A.R. Von:

The night has been going fairly well. Drinks and conversation are flowing as should be. Some couples are dancing. Others are just sitting around observing while nursing their drinks. I’ve not been able to get Mr. Sexy out of my mind for even a full minute and it’s driving me a bit mad. No one has ever affected me in this way before. Not even close actually.

I let out a frustrated sigh and focus back on two particular patrons I think just might become a problem tonight. They’re not together. At least as far as I can tell anyway.

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Nighttime Promises -19: by M.A. Church:

Daroshi held Bryan close, his head spinning as his mating tentacle withdrew. The sex just kept getting better and better. As his tentacles released Bryan, Bryan turned in his arms and kissed him. Having Bryan’s lips on his own was still something he wasn’t used to, but was growing to enjoy.

“Okay, that was… wow.”

Daroshi smoothed Bryan’s hair back from his face. “I agree.”

“I’m going to grab a sonic shower, then maybe we could nibble on something. I’m not really hungry, but I could go for a snack.”

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 12: by Rob Colton:

“Here comes your boyfriend.”

On hearing Leslie’s sing-songy voice, Noah didn’t even look up. “I don’t have a boyfriend,” he replied automatically.

He couldn’t help but turn and look. Eli had walked into the library’s front door. Wearing his security uniform and a dark pair of sunglasses, he strutted in like a badass. He looked damn good in that uniform, tight across his big chest and arms, snug in the crotch and ass.

He wasn’t expecting Eli though. Why was the man here? Did Eli think they were… boyfriends? And weren’t they way too old for that label?

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Myths, Secrets and Love – chapter 4: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

“Is it far?” Rodric asked, pushing another hanging vine out of the way. He wasn’t sure how long they’d been trudging through the unwelcome land. The air was stuffy and humid, the smell of rotting vegetation making breathing a complicated task. Sweat poured down his back and he waved off the insects buzzing near his head. He scratched his head. Not only did he have to deal with lice, now he smelled like a pig. Rodric sighed.

Arjä twisted her head to look at him. A small smile played at her lips and her eyes shone with mischief. Rodric frowned.

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Darkest Before Dawn: by Shelly Schulz:

They walked down the winding driveway, Rose keeping Darren’s instructions in mind. Ben bolted once they cleared the fence marking their property, taking off down the gravel, kicking up dust behind him. She walked a little faster, stride stretching, feeling the muscles in her legs start to unwind a bit. The sun beat down, chasing down the chill she had gotten from working in the shade. She watched, lips twitching into a smile as Ben struggled to get over a fence, a wayward snort of laughter escaping when he succeeded, but landed on his rear in the dirt.

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Lily Sawyer:

Thanksgiving was turning out to be a bust as far as
getting family to come in.   A snowstorm had closed Lancaster airport
and all the airports along the east coast.

“I was looking forward to my cousins coming in from
Minnesota, and wasn’t Travis supposed to try to get time off?”  Ben
mentioned after he’d basted the twenty-pound bird he’d gotten from a turkey
farm in Paradise.

“No such luck, Ben.  Travis already took off
last month, remember?”  Tom was just as disappointed as Ben was.
He’d hoped his brother would be able to make another visit.

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 7: by Nephylim:

“She must have been mentally unstable” Emma said, cold shivers tickling her neck, “completely insane. Why would she kill herself just because she thought she’d been stood up?”

“In those days, being jilted at the altar was a much greater thing; a matter of slight, of dishonour. The entire family would be thrown into uproar and consider it an insult to them, as much as to her. I believe, however, there was more to it than this. I fear she had the propensity for madness; something no one knew before, or perhaps had not spoken of, for fear she might become un-weddable.”

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Sealed in Stone #23: by Tali Spencer:

Other kisses had commanded Torrey, nomari kisses cold with purpose, hopeful but bestowed and returned like currency. Willem’s kiss was effortless and devastating. The sear of Willem’s lips laid Torrey open and left him wanton, a begging, needful thing. The moons of their estrangement vanished. The mere touch of Willem’s fingers through Torrey’s thin silk sleeves awakened his skin. And what was happening below, swelling and pushing between them, shaft to heated shaft, threatened to explode.

Torrey pushed away and gulped for air.

“Willem, not now—”

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Take Flight: by Cia Nordwell:

“Ow!” Birch yanked the amulet from under his shirt. Radiant white light lit the stone. Not caring who saw, Birch reached into his pants. He shuddered when he touched the plug in his cock. Cold fire invaded the slit in the tip. Drawing out the hollow plug took a minute.

“Oh, thank fuck.” The burning faded as soon as Birch removed the plug. He held it carefully, not touching the cage with the stone inside.

“What happened?” the Alchemist asked. He stared at Birch. All the fae were watching him, their eyes huge.

“Oh, g—” Birch cut himself off.

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Defining Freedom #1: Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib stepped back and melted into the alcove when he saw the group of slaves coming toward him. They didn’t notice him as they passed, talking amongst themselves. He watched them as they walked down the hall, unable to look away.

They were pleasure slaves, property of the malik and amir. They were attractive, graceful, and fascinating to Ghalib.

Part of their allure was the inner beauty they all seemed to possess. Despite being slaves, despite having their choices taken away, they all held themselves with a quiet grace Ghalib couldn’t seem to stop thinking about.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Owen was unsure what to say. Not leaving the hospital? He didn’t…What…Warning bells rang in time with his thudding heart. Dr. Noel’s face was neutral. The men in black wore steely expressions and Tattoo Nurse was sneering at Owen as if he were a bug he wanted to squash.

Owen swallowed hard. “Um…I don’t understand. What do you mean I won’t be leaving the hospital?” Shit, was he going to die today? He felt achy, feverish, and every gland in his body was swollen and tender, but that was nothing compared to yesterday with Turk. If he had to guess his current life span, he’d say at least a month or longer but not hours.

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