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Book Review: Assassination Classroom, Vol 9 by Yusei Matsui

Assassination Classroom, Vol 9     

Author: Yusei Matsui

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date:  April 5, 2016

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/Action Adventure Manga/192 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

The showdown has begun – Nagisa vs the Final Boss! Turns out the boss is none other than their former teacher, Takaoka, the one Nagisa bested before. Looks like he has a grudge against his former students! Or maybe it’s just the ten million dollars at stake for killing Koro Sensei… or both.  Nagisa is angry enough to kill the man, but will cooler heads prevail? Terasaka reminds him that it’s still murder and not worth it, to just beat him up without killing him. Nagisa bested him once before, can he do it again?

Once the situation is resolved, everyone returns to their hotel and sleeps like the dead! Afterward, Koro Sensei has an idea for the perfect way to wrap up their assassination vacation through a test of courage. But his true purpose is to play matchmaker! His plans don’t exactly come to fruition, as his students aren’t that easily played, but there is one possibility for a love match, and the students are glad to assist their teacher in his matchmaking efforts.

Back to school! Time is running out before the possible end of the world. The powers that be determine that the bounty on killing the creature should be increased for a group, since the students almost succeeded in killing him over the break. The reward is now set at 300 million! However the new semester also starts with a startling new development, as one member of Class 3E defects and returns to Class A – for all the wrong reasons! Oh dear, can they bring him back into the fold before he inflicts irreversible damage?

I really enjoyed the assassination vacation arc, it was a lot of fun, and we got to see the class develop and grow in many ways. The way the final situation was handled was wonderful. Nagisa has a great future ahead of him if he wishes to become a spy or a professional assassin! The matchmaking story was cute, and I liked the unexpected twist. Also, the defecting of one student was a challenge, trying to figure out his motivation. Love this series so much, looking forward to the next volume!

Book Review: Demon Slayer, Vol 22 by Koyoharu Gotouge

Demon Slayer, Vol 22

Author: Koyoharu Gotouge

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date:  June 1, 2021

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/Fantasy Manga/192 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

The battle to defeat Muzan has taken a great toll among the Demon Slayer Corps. So many good people dead because of Muzan and his demonic minions. Iguro is trying to shield Himejima, but he knows he won’t be able to move for much longer, and Kanroji is afraid she is about to fall without having accomplished anything. Iguro sends Kanroji off to be healed, and he tells her he does not deserve to be with someone like her as he is not worthy. Iguro was the first male to be born into his family in 370 years. His mother, sisters, and aunts confined him to a cell, stuffed him with rich foods and fawned over him, while at night, something truly horrible happened.

Himejima is surprised at the arrival of Kanao, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, thinking they weren’t still alive. Muzan is still battling, despite the loss of some limbs, but he does regenerate after all, although he doesn’t seem to be doing it quite as quickly as before. Himejima realizes that just cutting off Muzan’s head won’t kill him because he has multiple hearts and brains. The trouble is they keep moving, and without a fixed location, it makes it difficult to destroy them.

Tanjiro finally arrives and he looks terrible. But he has an idea, a way of putting an end to Muzan once and for all. Will his idea work, and will he survive the ordeal? Also, Nezuko is on her way. How will she be affected by everything?

One more volume to go. Edge of the seat, nail-biting stuff.  I know how I want it to work out – with Muzan dead and Tanjiro not just alive but well again. I know things will never be the same, so many good people lost, but hopefully all’s well that ends well. After this, Tanjiro deserves to become a Hashira! And Nezuko should be able to join the Demon Slayer Corps too. What about her and Zenitsu? Personally, I can’t see it, but you never know.

Looking forward with both trepidation and anticipation to the last volume!

Book Review: Skip Beat! Vol 17 by Yoshiki Nakamura

Skip Beat! Vol 17   

Author: Yoshiki Nakamura

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date:  March 2009

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/shojo manga/200 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

Vie Ghoul’s Reino stalks Kyoko to Ren’s hotel room, but she informs him that she has no fear of him as she has God’s favorite as an ally (she means Ren). She also has an amulet of protection she wears on a chain. Afterward, she falls asleep in Ren’s room and he doesn’t have the heart to wake her. The next day, Vie Ghoul and Sho are at it again. But there seems to be dissonance among the members of Vie Ghoul as well.

Mr. Yoshiro continues to encourage Ren to openly declare himself to Kyoko, but so far his words are falling on deaf ears. But Ren’s manager can tell that he likes Kyoko, whether he’s willing to admit it or not.  Just imagine if he knew about their past history!

It’s the last day of shooting and back to Tokyo, but Kyoko wants to thank Director Ogata before she leaves. On the way to the lobby, she runs into Sho’s manager, who thanks her for the change in Sho. Kyoko protests that she’s done nothing, but the manager insists that she helped Sho get over his music problems. Like Kyoko cares?

Oh dear, will he never learn? Reino catches Kyoko alone and continues to bully her, telling her to get rid of the amulet. But when he starts to get physical, help arrives in the form of Ren Tsuruga! Reino looks at Ren oddly before asking who he is, then accuses him of using a false name. Ren isn’t put off. Of course he has a stage name. Somehow Reino doesn’t  seem to accept that response. Afterward, Kyoko is reluctant to discuss the amulet with Ren, and tries to explain something about Corn, unaware that Ren is Corn.

Ratings for Dark Moon are fantastic. Kyoko is happy that people hate her character, because it means she did a good job playing her. Meanwhile, Ren has been tapped for a new film. The catch is that he won’t be revealed as part of the cast, in order to surprise moviegoers, and neither will his name appear in the final credits. Mr. Yoshiro is far from happy about that, but Ren doesn’t mind. Kyoko receives a call from the studio. They want her to drop by the next day about some job offers. Kyoko is excited!  Unfortunately, the roles all seem to be similar to Mio, and she is disappointed. She knows she can do more than that!  She whines to Moko, who is in the midst of giving her advice when Lory shows up with a job – with the LoveMe Section? What the heck?

Back to Tokyo and back to other things. Hopefully, Kyoko won’t have to endure Sho or Reino anymore. I have a feeling Ren will continue to look out for her. Her new LoveME assignment is the actor who played Ren’s role in the earlier version. He’s back in Japan and Lory has assigned Kyoko to him as a member of the LoveMe Section. Lory tells Ren that Koo is in town and tries to set up a meeting, but Ren isn’t interested. At least not until he learns that Kyoko is actually with him!

I love how Ren is wrestling with his feelings for Kyoko. He has just barely begun to admit them to himself, much less to his manager. If he doesn’t know how to deal with them, it’s because he’s never really felt this way about anyone before. And he undoubtedly carries a torch for her from long ago. Hopefully, he’ll get over this reluctance in time and actually court her. Of course, there is still the whole Corn hurdle to get over. I just know Kyoko will not take that lightly when she learns the truth.

Can’t wait to see how Kyoko deals with Koo in the next volume, and what will Ren do?

Book Review: The Way of the Househusband, Vol 10 by Kousuke Oono

The Way of the Househusband, Vol 9 

Author: Kousuke Oono

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date: February 21, 2023

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/Manga/Comedy/168 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

Tatsu is in the neighborhood and decides to drop by Masa’s place for a surprise inspection! Deciding that the apartment smells like death, Tatsu decides to educate Masa about herbs and what they can do for you.

Tatsu becomes interested in needle felting and goes to the craft store, where he runs into Ms. Torii, who has developed the same interest. They both decide to make the same cute cat. Ms.Torii taunts Tatsu in to teaching her what to do, so now it’s on. Who can make the best-looking cat?

With temperatures spiking, the local patrol find themselves sweltering in their suits. But what can they do, they have an image to maintain! Luckily, they run into Tatsu and he has some great tips for staying cool!

Tatsu, Miku, and Masa are sitting around, telling ghost stories. Whose story will be the scariest?

Tatsu has a new assignment – to get the five-year-old daughter of a friend to eat her vegetables! But the usual hiding tricks won’t work on this girl, she’s far too smart for that. Has Tatsu met his match?

When Tatsu finds his landlord struggling to get rid of some troublesome weeds that have popped up, he calls in some back-up to help him tackle the unwanted invaders!

Two young boys are arguing over the respective merits of a stag beetle vs a rhinoceros beetle in a fight. Tatsu and Torajiro step in, each championing his favorite. The fight is on!

Shopping malls are taking customers who used to go to small stores, who are suffering as a result. Tatsu to the rescue! He has some suggestions to get the crowds to come back! But will his ideas work?

Tatsu and his boss spend some time at a café in order to see what young people are in to these days. Can they apply the same methods to their café?

Another great volume of Tatsu. I think I recognized some of the stories from the anime, which is great! I love them both. The bonus stories are great too. I hope Kousuke Oono keeps writing this series for a long time to come. Looking forward to the next volume!