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Book Review: Blue Exorcist, Vol 27 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist, Vol 27     

Author: Kazue Kato

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date: May 3, 2022

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/manga/paranormal/218 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

The fight continues between Rin and Yukio, although now on the ground, having jumped off the airship which was about to crash. Rin has his sword back, and his hair has turned back to black. Maybe that’s a good sign of things to come? Rin is appalled to discover that Yukio has attempted suicide…many times! He is also furious that his brother has never said anything to him about anything! Yukio claims to be weak, says that Rin was the strong one, to which Rin replies, “If I’m strong, it’s because I had you!”

The other exorcists have begun to gather. First order of business is to find Lucifer and Dragelescu. Shima is there too. Trouble with Shima is you can never be sure which side he’s playing for at any given time. When Light finds Dragulescu, the madman dares Light to open the storage unit. Light has a feeling that would not be a good thing.

Yukio reports to Light, prepared to face his punishment for running off to the Illuminati, but none is forthcoming. When Light tells Rin they are searching the crash site for Satan, Yukio protests that he should not be there then. You know, that whole Satan is in my eye thing. The next day, Rin and Yukio make up and all is well. But hey, there seems to be someone inside the storage unit. What?  Light thinks it’s probably a replicant from the laboratory in Romania. Why don’t we look and see? To their shock, it’s Father Fujimoto! Well, a newer younger version of him.  Yukio immediately claps his hand over his possessed eye.

Don’t look, Yukio, don’t look!

And now, enter Lucifer and his cohorts! And Lucifer is looking mighty fine, if I do say so.They are determined to force Yukio to look at the new Fujimoto so that Satan can enter his new vessel.

Don’t look, Yukio, don’t look!

Damn, that didn’t go well.

Meanwhile, Shiemi becomes aware of what has transpired. It’s all about to get real. But wait, another player has just entered the game…

Remember how I wished things would move along a little faster? They sure are now. Satan is back in play, looking like Father Fujimoto. Can he be contained? Is this the beginning of the end? How will Yukio handle the knowledge that he contributed to this fiasco by looking when he shouldn’t have? Can Sir Pheles save the day?

Can’t wait for the next volume (but I’ll have to). Please, not too long, okay?