Wednesday Briefs: April 5, 2023

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Sins of the Flesh: Part 1 by J Ray Lamb

Jeff sat in the coffee shop at one of the main intersections in town. It was a chain place with passable coffee, but his favorite cuppa had morphed from a coffee shop to being a small indie bookstore with a coffee bar. The proprietress had a dream of having her own bookstore and so the coffee shop had begun its transformation. The seating was mostly gone and the small groups that met there had found new homes.


The transformation of the coffee shop mirrored the changes in Jeff’s life. He had always been known as the quiet goody-goody…

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Broken Path, Starless Tail: Chapter Six by Cia Nordwell

“That’s it?” Beckett said when Parallax didn’t say anything else. “I’m just going to find it. Where? How? Who took it? Why? What do they want with it? What does it look like?”  

“It’s a star. Look, do you see my tail?” Parallax stood.  

“Um, no?” Where he usually had a long, fluffy tail with a bright white tip was… nothing but a tiny wisp of darkness.  

“Exactly. So find my star.” The light around him began to brighten, and he hissed. “No more time. This is our only chance. You have to go into the portal and follow the


Bad Karma and the Family Plan #68 (14.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Caroline St. Clair—for it was indeed none other than the Wicked Witch of Hollywood herself—was grinning broadly, like the proverbial feline who had just consumed an avian snack. She took another gracious bow for her imaginary audience and then began to throw out kisses. No doubt she was visualizing the invisible members of the Academy as they conferred upon her an equally imaginary Oscar.

Seriously, what was wrong with that woman?

“I had you going, didn’t I?” the actress chortled. “You never knew it was me, did you? It’s been me this whole time.”

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