Wednesday Briefs: May 25, 2022

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Garret Farm: Part 32 by J Ray Lamb

A few days had passed and nothing on the farm had changed. The tractor that Claire was using had been serviced and repaired. The damage wasn’t as bad as first expected so it was a relatively simple repair.

Sandy and Trent returned two days later after disappearing to the city. Trent had texted Jason that they would be gone and Murphy confirmed that he’d gotten it. Trent had the crops well managed and Sandy wasn’t fully on the job yet. It was affected his internship, but as Murphy thought of it, he was getting his IN-tern-ship from Trent…

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Rose and Thorne 6 #24 (5.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

I think the idiot was actually going to respond to what was probably a rhetorical question on my part. I braced myself to punch him again, if necessary. I was operating on an adrenaline high at the moment. I knew later I would probably be in at least a little pain where my knuckles had made contact with his nose. But right then I didn’t care.

Luckily any further display of fisticuffs was not required as Sarah herself stepped between us, standing over her baby daddy and preventing Ethan from getting any closer to him than he already was. “James, you need to leave.” Her voice was deceptively quiet, but I could hear the same tone I’d heard in Ethan’s warnings to some of the scum we’d dealt with on the job. I wondered if James had the sense to realize she meant business.

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Ancalagon: Chapter Ninety-two by Cia Nordwell

Garjah snorted. “Who do they think that will impress?”  

“What are they projecting?” I asked, squinting. It looked like blurred faces.  

“The images of their forebears. It’s a reminder that they are the descendants of those who began as the leaders of our people and the tradition continues. Generally they use projects only during ceremonial displays on Inaugural Day.”  

They weren’t above political machinations, but for as subtle as Mereval could be, this felt very clumsy. It was too overt, too arrogant. It explained why Sloval was in the lead, though, but I wasn’t going to be lulled into a


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