Book Review: Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book #3) by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book #3)   

Author: Suzanne Collins

Publisher: Scholastic Press

American release date:  September 1, 2010

Format/Genre/Length: Hardback/YA SciFi Action/391 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

The Rebellion has begun, but at what price? The destruction of District 12. Katniss was able to escape, along with her mother and sister, and Gale, but not everyone was so lucky. And poor Peeta is still in the hands of the Capitol, being forced to endure who knows what? Katniss insists on returning to her district to see it for herself, and it’s not a pretty sight. She and her family are living in what was thought to be a destroyed district, namely #13. But they’ve simply kept themselves out of sight, planning for the day they can retaliate against District 1, the Capitol. Good thing they have Katniss, the face of the Rebellion, even though President Coin was overheard to say they should have saved the boy first, meaning Peeta. Finnick is there as well but he’s not entirely himself. And so is Haymitch, but can she ever trust him again?

Katniss is overjoyed to see Peeta appear on the screen in a broadcast from the Capitol, but her joy quickly sours as he advocates a ceasefire and calls upon the rebels to surrender. This isn’t the Peeta she knows, what have they done to him? When Katniss accidentally stumbles upon her prep team, being held hostage and tortured, she begins to realize that President Coin and her advisors aren’t necessarily better than President Snow.  Coin wants to use Katniss as the face of the Rebellion again as they storm the Capitol, but she demands a price – freedom for those captives being held in the Capitol and immunity, especially for Peeta. But her bargaining may lead to more trouble than she imagines.

When Katniss is finally reunited with Peeta, she is horrified at the change in him… and what he has become. Would he really harm her? Could she harm him, if it became necessary? What if he begged her to? And what of Gale? How does she feel about him? Seventeen, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, can Katniss do what is expected… no, demanded of her? Or will she finally break?

Katniss’ journey is finally coming to an end, but as I read this final book, I couldn’t tell how it would end for her. So many twists and turns, unexpected happenings. Like being on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, waiting for the ending and hoping, hoping, hoping. When the adults around you are intent upon destruction, where can a girl turn? This was a fitting ending to the series, and contains heartbreak, deceit, friendship, love, and triumph. I was pleased with the ending, and plan to watch the movies next. I hope they do the books justice.

Good series, highly recommend.

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