Wednesday Briefs: December 22, 2021

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Ancalagon:Chapter Seventy by Cia Nordwell

It was time to cut out the bureaucracy, and I didn’t have much tact to start off with. Garjah actually seemed to do better with his people’s politics than I did with the jockeying for favor and positions I’d faced within the Institute, but he wasn’t experienced enough to deal with these people.  

Officious oafs were going to just get in the way.  

“We appreciate that you have encountered a race that may have a claim to Ardra, and that we have much to learn. Rushing does not benefit anyone, however.” Dr. Margo spoke and my mother nodded her agreement.  

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The Garret Farm: Part 16 by J Ray Lamb

Trent was walking out the back door of garret’s house when he thought he heard a knock from the front. He shrugged as he kept walking out to his truck but turned around as he heard the doorbell.

Garret will answer it … though if he’s busy bending the boy over backwards. Trent thought to himself as he got in and started his truck. “I’ll check the front of the house when I drive out.” he said out loud to no one but himself.

He drove around the front of the house and saw Sandy standing, shoulders slumped, silently waiting…y

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A Witcher Christmas by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Tell me something. Has Geralt always been so…” Jaskier floundered for words, something he was generally not at a loss for, and finally finished his question with “crotchety?” The petulant bard kicked disconsolately at an object situated alongside the path, then yelped in dismay after discovering said object was a rather hard rock which would not yield to his misguided efforts to dislodge it.

The slim platinum blonde he’d addressed patted Roach’s cheek and briefly nuzzled the patient horse before turning back to her companion. “You’ve known him far longer than I have,” she said bluntly. “You tell me.”

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