Wednesday Briefs: November 10, 2021

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Garret Farm: Part 12 by J Ray Lamb

Dinner was over and the five men sat around the table talking about the farm and what Sandy could expect if he was brought on as an intern.

Jason and Garret were sure he would work out just fine but Trent wasn’t sold on him yet. Trent had also noted the expensive electric sports car that Sandy was driving and it didn’t fit with someone who wanted to go into animal husbandry and ag management.

What was silently hanging over the conversation was the extra-curricular activities that happened on the farm without warning and without regard for who was around.

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An Unholy Alliance #24 (6.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Frank didn’t move so much as a muscle. Hardly surprising considering I had my weight pressing down on his neck, and I had just threatened him with instant death. His cohorts certainly didn’t waste their opportunity to flee the scene—they scattered to the winds without a backward glance for their companion. So much for familial solidarity. Frank was far from silent, however, screaming something that was undoubtedly aimed at me. But his words were rendered unintelligible due to his unfortunate position. Not as though he had anything half-way intelligent to convey anyway, even at the best of times. Despite his previous bravado, his current fear was more than evident—he reeked of it. He’d also apparently lost control of his bowels.

My anger at this waste of space continued to grow. I visualized myself reaching down, grabbing his limp soiled body and drawing it up, up, up

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Ancalagon: Chapter Sixty-four by Cia Nordwell

The soldiers immediately took positions against the skimmer, handhelds away and weapons drawn. “Come out now!” one ordered.  

“Hold on, calm down! I’m Essell Deray, and you’re here looking for me.” I waved one hand in the doorway, but didn’t come out.  

“Show yourself. Hands out.” The leader of the soldiers harsh orders were not unexpected, but I also couldn’t follow them.  

“Um, I have a cerops here, one of the lifeforms from the planet. He thinks you’re hostile to me, and I’m holding on to him because he has a poison in his claws that could seriously hurt you.


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