Wednesday Briefs: January 27, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Super Trooper #53 (12.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Evan’s night had been a long one, but relatively uneventful. He’d issued warnings to a few speeders, ticketed a couple he recognized as repeat offenders. Helped a stranded motorist with a flat tire and was called to the scene of a domestic dispute which ended with him taking an abusive spouse to jail. Now he was done, paperwork complete and turned in, and he was ready to call it a night.

The trouble was that for once the thought of going home didn’t appeal to him. And that only served to make him feel guiltier than he already felt.

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Phases of Moon: Part 66 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Body aches prompted Sawyer to open his eyes slowly in case he woke up dead. Concrete walls and iron bars in the dimly lit cellar framed a certain kind of hell, so being alive wasn’t a guarantee. Every muscle protested the slightest movement, like his biggest workout times ten, so he stayed curled on his side. The hard floor under his nude body wasn’t chilly. How long had he laid here in this cage? It felt like morning, and something significant had occurred, but he couldn’t say how he knew.

He moaned at the smell of blood and other bodily fluids filling his nostrils.

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Mates Come First: Chapter 6C by Carol Pedroso

He couldn’t understand why they were told about him being bad at magic but not told that he wouldn’t be included in the graduation ceremony. That was a question for another day.

Miss Dooli was sputtering. “What do you mean he couldn’t master basic spells? When I left, he had already reached level two in spell work and his classmates were on level four. You should have easily been able to catch him up and not neglected the other students. He already had brilliant control of his water power. He had even taught himself healing.

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Ancalagon Chapter Twenty-three by Cia Nordwell

The heat was stunning in its intensity, and the light reflected off the sand like black glitter. Instead of dull, thick particles, the sand was made of fine grit like tiny pieces of shiny mirrors. I had to trigger the eye protection on my exosuit to help filter the intensity.  

“You do not have to go out,” Garjah said.  

“We want to.” I patted Bouncer on his side and walked down the metal ramp that led out of the ship. We’d gone only a few steps when he began trotting ahead. I gasped. Those rigid ears that had stood so

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