Wednesday Briefs: December 30, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Super Trooper #49 (11.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The first couple of weeks after becoming a family was spent in adjusting to the new situation. Some adjustments were easier than others, Evan found. He and Chan had had their own routines, but these were gone now, naturally. Although some things were similar, such as meals. They still shared the cooking duties, although Chan was by far the better chef. An opinion which was born out by his siblings, who seemed less than enthusiastic when Evan cooked. In all fairness, Evan had done little cooking for himself prior to meeting Chan, other than grilling when the mood hit him. Even so, he was trying to please their palates, just not succeeding very well.

Chan and Evan didn’t work the same hours.

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Ancalagon: Chapter Nineteen by Cia Nordwell

Four Arms had genetic memories. Ones that went beyond instincts, beyond those basic intuitions that most species had that seemed to be encoded in the basic genome. Humans had recorded this very phenomenon with savants; somehow they had knowledge that allowed them do things they couldn’t have possibly learned through experience.  

This was something I hadn’t come across before. “How does a trainer release the memories?” Some sort of ceremony?  

“I show him once, he knows.” Garjah sliced off another piece of meat. “Doesn’t mean he’s good at it.”  

“You weren’t good at it once upon a time.” Timok raised


Phases of Moon: Part 58 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Overcast skies hid the moon from view, but Sawyer could feel its allure. Every day the song became richer, a decadent vibration charging his soul, and calling to the wild thing growing inside him. He could only imagine how intense it would be at its brightest. Vibrant and alive, in the crisp November air, he was full of restless energy he’d taken out over and over on Jimmy’s seemingly limitless libido. His mate had not complained. Not even once.


What a wonderful word. So much more meaningful then the marriage vows he’d exchanged with Jada.

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Mates Come First: Chapter 5A by Carol Pedroso

Owen looked around at the house as they entered. It was huge. The front door opened into a spacious foyer with a lovely pine table in the centre. There was a staircase off to the left covered in red carpet that curved around as it ascended. The floor was light brown wood and the walls were a soft rose. A settee along one wall was strewn with colourful throw cushions. Owen felt at home. The size was offset by the soft and bright colours.

“Good, you’re here.”

Owen let out a manly yelp. Then he dropped into a bow

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