Wednesday Briefs: December 9, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


Super Trooper #46 (11.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes


True to his word, Chan kept Laksha and Kamal out of school for two days. But he did make sure they received their homework assignments, and apprised the school that he was their guardian now. The lady he spoke to in the office was very nice and very sympathetic, and told him she would let their teachers know. He gave her his contact information, and Evan’s as well. Better safe than sorry.

Mandy wasn’t available to babysit Madhu full time, Chan learned to his chagrin. But luckily, she told him her mother Denise was. Chan didn’t want to impose on her, and told Mandy he would find someone. But mere minutes after he hung up, a knock came at the door and there was Denise. She was in her early forties, with red and blue highlights

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Phases of Moon: Part 54 by J. Alan Veerkamp

“You do realize there’s no such thing as alpha wolves. The whole theory got debunked and everything. A long time ago. I think by the person who came up with it in the first place.”

Jimmy clamped his mouth shut to keep from laughing, as he placed the last of the lunch dishes in the sink to be washed later. Since they’d finally climbed out of bed in the early afternoon, Sawyer had been especially vocal, something Jimmy wasn’t accustomed to in his usual solitude. There had been past bedmates who wouldn’t shut up the morning after, and he’d either leave or kick them out as soon as possible

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Ancalagon: Chapter Seventeen by Cia Nordwell

Hook. Line. Sinker. It was an old line I’d picked up from my nurse. She’d had all these old idioms that made very little sense. I’d never lived near a lot of water, so that one had intrigued me the most. She’d told me stories of fish great and small, and giant white whales—creatures that roamed the depths of the oceans and had been hunted by men in boats dug out from trees, their weapons so primitive it seemed amazing they were able to catch anything at all, much less something so large.  

But humans could do amazing things.


Mates Come First: Chapter 3B by Carol Pedroso

He looked back up at his mate with a frown, “Yes, I am. My power comes from electricity. You should know that if you paid attention in your class about coven leadership.” 

Owen scowled. “The only thing we learnt in that class was leader Grayson and second Jacobson are powerful and busy men. Apparently, they don’t have the time to waste with half-taught children. However, if we did well and graduated in our magic classes, leader Grayson would be there to hand out our qualifications.

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