Wednesday Briefs: November 18, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Phases of Moon: Part 50 by J. Alan Veerkamp

awyer decided to avoid commenting on Jimmy not needing directions to his home. His safe, sensible car waited for him next to Jada’s SUV as Jimmy’s truck pulled into the driveway. The modest ranch kept its tidy appearance with short evergreen shrubs this deep into fall, and he noted there were more leaves to rake, marking the coming end of the yard-care season he loved so much. The white pine sapling he’d planted the week after they bought the house seven years ago had grown into a child-sized Christmas tree. Given time, it would dwarf the house, reaching into the sky.

Ancalagon: Chapter Fourteen by Cia Nordwell

Whatever I wished to know. I could ask him questions for hours. Who cared about food? I wished I had a recording device. Notes. I needed to take notes. How else could I organize my thoughts or remember everything Garjah told me?  

Garjah settled a plate in front of me. It held fairly standard looking protein cubes and some feathery purple stalks. “What are these?” I asked.  

“They are safe. Timok had Andulsa program in a human-safe section to the food reproducer. These are your protein cubes, and this is selari blooms from a planet in your sector.”

Not a

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Mate’s Come First: Chapter 2a – Present Day by Carol Pedroso

Mica sighed as he exited the shop; this was another dead end. How a teenager managed to disappear so completely just went to prove Owen Kerby was more powerful than any of them knew or was just very smart. According to his parents, they noticed he was missing when they were getting ready to attend his graduation ceremony and they couldn’t find him. When Mica had questioned the staff, it seemed they hadn’t seen him since the day he turned eighteen. That had been a week after the school exams had finished. The graduation ceremony had been delayed due to

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Super Trooper #43 (10.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Everything was happening so quickly. Chan felt as though he was caught in the middle of a dream—the worst nightmare ever. The trouble was he knew there was no waking from this dream, this was his reality now. His and Evan’s. And his poor siblings.

He wanted to cry every time he thought about them, but he forced himself to maintain a visible calm, for their sake. Not until he was alone with Evan, in the privacy of the guest bedroom, did he feel able to fall apart, at least a little bit, and let Evan put him back together again.

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