Wednesday Briefs: February 12, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Super Trooper #3 (1.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The rest of Evan’s workday had passed in a sort of strange haze. He was lucky it was a light day, as far as his duties went, mostly traffic citations and warnings. A lot of people didn’t realize that the Texas State troopers did more than patrol the highways, lying in wait for speeders.  They often served as law enforcement for small rural areas who didn’t have their own sheriffs, and also helped out with some of the smaller towns as well. Courtesy, Service, Protection was the motto of the Department of Public Safety, of which the troopers were a part, and Evan took those words very seriously.

But today had been different. Today his second brain had been too fully engaged for his liking, and he couldn’t get the handsome man

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Unicorn Quests: Chapter Fifteen by Cia Nordwell

Its big ears covered its face, and the little body really did feel like a hairy ball. Soft, with a fair amount of give, the Being didn’t immediately respond.

“I won’t hurt you. Are you hurt?” I pulled my knees up and made a small rest, putting it in my lap so I wasn’t hold it. Maybe that felt like I was squeezing it or holding it captive. I had basically been holding it close to my body or inside my clothes for the last day.

Rummaging around in the pack I’d pulled from Londe, I found my waterskin. I

Here Kitty Kitty: Epilogue part three by Carol Pedroso

Tristan flopped down onto the bed.

“I am so glad that is all finally over. I hadn’t realised how stressed I was until it was finally all over.”

Carl sat by his mate’s side and patted a hand on his thigh. “What about everything we’ve found out. Do you want to get tested and see who your father really is?”

Tristan sighed. He’d known he couldn’t avoid the conversation, but he’d hoped to put it off at least for a while. He caught hold of Carl’s shirt and pulled him down so they sprawled together.

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Adrift: Chapter 77 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Catching his breath, Arad shoved himself off the wall, leaving a dirty red blotch in his wake. He wasn’t bleeding, but the pervasive sweat from pushing himself so hard kept the blood smears tacky on his chilling skin. The trek to the brig had been longer than he recalled, but he risked sabotaging a few more doors on the way. He’d only been gone a few minutes at most, but he hoped if Bryce found him missing, it might buy precious seconds. Any spare amount he could gather would be worth it.

Carbon copy doors lined the corridor, but the one with the bright engaged lock display stood out from the rest.

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