Wednesday Briefs: August 7, 2019

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Adrift: Chapter 51 by J. Alan Veerkamp

“I wasn’t sure anyone would get the message this far out. The ship had a bad fold jump and the main engine’s dead. I don’t suppose you have a mechanic on board?” Never show how truly desperate you are unless it gets you somewhere. A rule born on the streets of Grey District. The Ansariland needed aid, but Arad didn’t know Captain Hodge and couldn’t be sure the man wouldn’t exploit the situation.

“Sure do. The Nightingale’s a cargo vessel specializing in medical tech transport. We wear a fair number of hats on this crew to keep up. How long you been out here?”

In Pieces #64 (16.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Despite being up late the night before, Ryan found himself awake early on Monday morning. He didn’t get out of bed immediately, reluctant to leave the warmth of Ben’s embrace, his thoughts tracing the previous evening.

By the time Ben and Ryan caught up with the other members of Salvation, everyone appeared considerably more relaxed than they’d been before. What a difference a couple of hours could make! Using their phones, they located a Target store that wasn’t very far from where they were staying and headed there, dividing themselves between Cameron’s and Marge’s cars. There they were able to find a good selection of swimsuits at reasonable prices. Marge said she didn’t intend to swim but she’d be happy to sit by the pool and watch them. Afterward they ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then finished the night at a neighborhood bar, doing shots, singing karaoke, and dancing.

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Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 23.1, by Carol Pedroso

Jenny looked around the door and slid out into the hallway. There was very little light from the mage globes hanging near the ceiling at long intervals. In the dimness she couldn’t see anyone moving but she still stayed as quiet as possible. She bypassed the children’s room and after stealing down the stairs she crept nearer to the door she knew led to the food hall the men working with Cheryl used. Voices became audible as she concentrated

“—I hear you right? She wants us to take that bastard? Well, I’m not guarding him once he gets here.

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