Wednesday Briefs: February 20, 2019

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Denied: Chapter Seventy-one by Cia Nordwell

I’d been separated from everyone. The Elites didn’t look at me, didn’t talk to me. Shivers wracked me as I was hauled away, my hands bound behind my back with strong shackles. I wanted to vomit up that last meal we’d had, or cry, or drop to my knees and not move.

But none of that would help me.

None of that would help the others.

Years of experience suppressing my emotions helped me stay on my feet and kept me from panicking. I squeezed my hands together behind my back. A wand was shoved between my hands, zapping my 

In Pieces #40 (10.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The general consensus of the other members of the band was they’d be fine with whatever Abby and Ryan chose to get, so they decided to go with that.

At her request, Abby drove. Ryan didn’t mind. She knew how to use the GPS system better than he did anyway. He’d never had one before, in St. Louis. When he needed to go somewhere unfamiliar, he relied on Mapquest.  When she put in the address of the restaurant, they learned their destination was only fifteen minutes away. Traffic was light to moderate in this part of Houma, swelling a little as they went. The restaurant was no great shakes at first sight, but judging from the smells that hit their nostrils as soon as they walked in the door, the food was something special. A number of the tables were full, even as late as it was. The atmosphere was relaxed and tension-free. Ryan was sorry they didn’t have time to sit here and enjoy their meal.  Another time, hopefully.

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Adrift: Chapter 28 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 18.3 by Carol Pedroso

Tristan pulled Patrick back and let the others get out of earshot before speaking.

“You never answered about the wards. Why isn’t the compound surrounded with them?”

Patrick blinked up at him. “It is.” He frowned. “I thought you were trying to be funny somehow by saying about the wards. I got a mage to ward the compound when our seer was born. It’s why I’ve been stumped as to how someone got in to take her. However, I didn’t want to worry Kitryn and Simon any more than they already are about Fran. I’ve doubled the guard

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