Wednesday Briefs: November 6, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Adrift : Chapter 13 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Torrins evacuation command continued to repeat through the ship, the urgency heightened by the blaring alarm loud enough to signal the end of days. Metal shifted behind the walls as the airlock cycled. The crew were about the escape and leave Arad behind sitting dumbfounded on the deck.

He wanted to kick himself for not seeing it sooner. He should have seen it coming. But now was not the time for recriminations. The corporate flagship still had its guns aimed at the Midas Ascending while Torrins and the rest were going to flee in a cloaked ship leaving him the sole occupant.

The word scapegoat came to mind.

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Tales of the Cabin: Part 9 by Johayan

Steven and I sat in my living room talking about his ‘previous life’ as he recalled it.

As he turned into his driveway, he pressed the garage door opener, disrupting the tranquility as his garage door lifted.  As the truck came to a stop, the driver’s side door opened and he stepped out of the truck.  Steven Schmidgall, 31, was an imposing figure both off and on the ice at 6’6” and just shy of 245 pounds, he seemed to dwarf the truck.

He grabbed a large bag of hockey gear from the back of the truck 

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Denied: Chapter Fifty-six by Cia Nordwell


“Freska. It’s good to hear from you. It’ll be even better to get out of this shuttle. Is your location secure?” Captain sat in his chair, and I sat in a chair at an unused station nearby.

“It is. It might not be for long though, sir. We’ve been pursued by Frijul’s and Elliard’s conspirators because we discovered something significant.”

“Oh?” Captain’s eyebrows rose. “And that is?”

“I’d rather tell you in person, sir.”

“You’re afraid a system you control might be intercepted or spied upon?” Captain had looked surprised before, but now he was flat out shocked. I 

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In Pieces #26 (7.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Walking in the door, they were greeted with a warm smile by a tall uniformed redhead. She reminded Ryan of a waitress from a sitcom his father had liked to watch years ago. “Welcome to Liz’s, y’all! Grab a seat wherever you like and I’ll be right with you.”

Ben took Ryan’s hand and led him to a booth in the far corner, the only one that didn’t look out over the parking lot.  He motioned for Ryan to slide in first then followed him so they sat on the same side, hip to hip. The diner wasn’t large—it was comfortably small, and had a distinctive retro look. A turquoise counter was lined with matching bar stools, and the fixtures and furniture carried the same color scheme. Large and small peace symbols had been randomly slapped on the walls. The whole effect was to remind Ryan of an old fifties-style diner.

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