Wednesday Briefs: October 3, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Denied: Chapter Fifty-one by Cia Nordwell

Mackinack was going to be dangerous. Deke wasn’t happy Captain didn’t take more people with him, but their argument seemed like something they said before and were saying again just to say it. I watched them but tried to make it subtle, so they wouldn’t know I was watching them.

“At least you’re going,” Deke grumbled. “He won’t let me go after last time.”

“What happened last time?” I asked. I took the new knife Deke handed over.

“This one doesn’t have a paralytic, by the way. It wasn’t a big deal. I just broke a few appendages off this 

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Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 13.2 By Carol Pedroso

Carl strode down the hall making the messenger move faster to stay in front of him. He knew he was being mean but at that moment he didn’t care. He’d been having a much-needed nap, thinking Simon and Kitryn would be occupied for a good while. He’d almost laughed out loud at

Kitryn’s glare when he’d mentioned mates. The kitty cat didn’t want Simon knowing they were mates.

Carl wondered why, but he wasn’t going to interfere. That was one hard and fast rule all the paranormal councils agreed on. No one was allowed to interfere with true mates

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In Pieces #22 (7.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The temptation to join Ben in the shower was strong, but Ryan managed to resist the impulse. The sooner he dressed and headed downstairs, though, the better. The longer he lingered here, thinking about a naked Ben, the stronger the urge would become to throw open the door and let nature take its course and he might not be able to fight it. To distract himself, he set his suitcase on the bed and opened it. Get dressed and get out.

Casual would be the order of the day, he decided. At least until the band went on tour. He wasn’t sure how he was expected to dress for performances. He could ask Ben about that later. He selected a pair of comfortable gray slacks and a short-sleeved white shirt, unpacked the rest of his clothes into the dresser Ben had indicated for his use.  The toiletries could wait until later. He tied his sneakers, picked up his laptop, and quickly exited the bedroom.

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Sweet Betrayal: Part Seven  by Michael Mandrake

Aaron moved as I asked him to and laid over the desk, spreading his legs.

“Delicious.” I said, licking my lips before bending down. I caressed the pink bud between his thighs and gently pushed a finger inside.

“Raviele. Ooh please, now!” Aaron cried out and grabbed his own shaft in hand, jerking it upward.

“I will, but first, a little fun.” I slapped his thighs, then darted my tongue into his tight hole. I moved it around, then sucked vigorously while pushing a finger in to loosen him up.

“Ravi…oh yes, yes. More.” Aaron’s hissed repeatedly and pushed my head further into him.

“Mhmm. You taste divine. Even more so with this extra lubricant on my lips.” I smiled and continued to pleasure him in the best way I knew how other than fucking. 

The Faery of Beacon Lake by Nephy Hart
“What are you going to do with it?”


“Never you mind. I’ll have it turned to plastic by tomorrow.”

Bran looked alarmed. “It’s not that kind of gold, Lady. It doesn’t transform. Nor for us.”
Aggie smiled kindly at him. “Oh, it transforms, dear, but not in the way you think. Trust me, I’ll see you right.”
“Of course, I trust you. Come husband, let’s finish our excellent meal.” He returned to eating with gusto, leaving Owen still staring at the chest.

Adrift: Chapter 8 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Tales of the Cabin: Part 4 by Johayan

Kyle had been right. I wasn’t ready to totally dive into the nudist scene but fuck clothes at home!

Thirty years later, at 49, here I was retired to a nudist commune that I had built.  I had given thought to making it into a resort.  It was still a plan I had in the back of my head.  So far, there were only a dozen cabin sites planned out with six built.  As it stood, it was a small members only resort.  We weren’t vetting guests but it was written into the agreements that guest vetting

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