Wednesday Briefs: September 5, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Tales of the Cabin – Part 1 by Johayan

It was another mindless day in the cube farm. At most other companies, I’d have an office.  Not a corner suite, but an office none the less.  As I looked at my schedule for the rest of the week, all I saw was meeting after meeting.  I was glad I was going on vacation in a couple of weeks.

While I enjoy my job, it’s not the most intellectually stimulating job.  The only excitement was the breaking news that someone had purchased a winning lottery ticket at the convenience store in the lobby.

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Butterflies in His Stomach by Julie Lynn Hayes

“You’ve given him every opportunity to make amends, Aaron.”

“I know, Will, I know.”

He is the one who is determined to go through with this. It’s not as though he hasn’t retracted such statements before.”

“But this time, he refuses. And this time he has gone too far.” Aaron Burr rose from his desk and in a few graceful strides approached the mahogany sideboard where he kept his liquor. Reaching for a cut glass decanter, he poured the amber liquid into two glasses. Taking one for himself, he handed the second to his young friend and fellow lawyer, William P. Van Ness. At twenty-six, Van Ness was some twenty-odd years Burr’s junior, but the two had a close bond, despite the age difference.

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Adrift: Chapter 4 by J. Alan Veerkamp

Two drinks maximum was all he could afford and the bottom of number one came closer no matter how much time Arad managed between sips. The lager had warmed a while ago, but he didn’t mind. He’d learned to savor these moments a long time ago.

Almost a week had passed since the dock reclamation had ousted him and the others. Six days of walking the streets looking for suitable shelter each night, holding tight to what little he owned. Word was Mareth had stowed away on a transport, following a rumor of a job lottery in district A-6.

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Denied Chapter Forty-seven by Cia Nordwell

We reassembled into something that appeared to be guards hurrying Elliard away for treatment for any recording that might capture our escape and any staff we might run into since we didn’t have time to find his secret exit. Captain kept one hand on Elliard’s shoulder, but I could see his fingers digging in, not gently resting on his cousin in reassurance. No, he didn’t want to let go because he wanted to ensure the bastard stayed close so he couldn’t get away. 

I understood, though I’d already exacted my form of revenge on him. His frantic eye rolls and


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Sweet Betrayal: Part Four by Michael Mandrake

The romp in the car was more than satisfying. We’d made love in the backseat, with Aaron riding me with reckless abandon while we shared multiple kisses. It took everything in me not to tear his brand-new blue suit off of him, but the workday lay ahead of us, so I refrained.

As we rode the elevator, Aaron fiddled with his cufflinks and straightened his shirt. From what I’d observed, he’d always been a perfectionist when it came to what he wore, so he’d fit right in.

Vampires were fashionistas.  

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