Wednesday Briefs: June 27, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Denied: Chapter Thirty-seven by Cia Nordwell

“Keep fighting the paralytic, Kohen, but don’t overdo it,” Aparoe warned. “If I had a choice, you’d be in a bed down in medical where I could I monitor you more closely. Let me or Captain Querry know if you feel any pain, or tingling in your limbs that grows painful and stronger, not less. Do you understand?”

I tried to nod, but I still didn’t have enough control of my body. “Yes,” I said haltingly.

Left alone with Captain—as alone as we were going to get with his rooms full of the crew members he could trust. Lakshou

The Faery of Beacon Lake by Nephy Hart

Owen resisted the temptation to look out of the window. He knew Aggie had gone out because the front door had slammed as he was climbing the stairs, not stomping up the stairs like a child throwing a tantrum over some unwanted command. Instead, he’d thrown himself onto his bed and simmered.

The simmering had cooled down some time ago, and Owen was now straining his ears for movement outside the cottage. He heard nothing until the front door banged as it closed. He had neither heard them approach nor open the door. Instantly alert and nervous he stood up and began to pace. No sound came from below. Had Aggie found Bran? Had she brought him back? If they were talking, it was too soft to hear.

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In Pieces #9 (4.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

So much for having a quiet conversation with Ben.  By the time Ryan managed to stop freaking out about the damn bridge, they were already across it and the conversation had veered to other things. Mostly the band. He learned this was going to be Salvation’s first actual tour. They’d played in various small venues in the South—mostly small clubs and private parties— but there’d been nothing as organized as this. Things had changed once they’d gotten a manager.  This tour was to support the release of their first CD, which was being produced by a small Indy label.

“I’m impressed,” Ryan said. “Looks like all your dreams are coming true. “

“Now you’re here, they are,” Ben said,

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