Wednesday Briefs: June 13, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 8.4 by Carol Pedroso

Silence followed Kitryn’s explanation and everyone jumped when Elder Patrick slapped his hands down on the table.

“That woman thinks it’s okay to take other people’s powers? To help herself to more than fate decided she was capable of using? Who does she think she is? And to try and take a child? No, that will not be allowed.”

“Um, things may be worse.” The interruption came from a male further down the table.
Elder Patrick jerked his head up. “What do you mean Xander?”

“Well, I was informed on my way to this meeting that Seer Wanda is missing

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In Pieces #7 (3.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

They joined a short line of passengers waiting at a taxi booth just outside the terminal. When it was their turn, they slid into the backseat of a bright orange cab. The driver was a matronly woman who looked to be about fifty. She wore her grayish-brown hair in a long plait that hung down her back and swung back and forth with every move she made.  Turning in her seat, she offered them a professionally courteous smile. “Welcome to New Orleans. Where can I take you?”

When Ben gave her the address, her eye brows raised slightly. “Mandeville? That’ll be a hundred dollars…” She paused, as if expecting an argument, or perhaps some attempt at negotiation. Ryan wondered why the fare was so outrageous, but he didn’t say anything. This wasn’t his business, and he wasn’t about to butt in.

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Denied: Chapter Thirty-five;by Cia Nordwell
I ducked my head, pulling my knees to my chest and burying my face against them. My throat burned,
and I swallowed repeatedly. I’d tried to stay coldly logical, thinking everything through, convincing Deke and Captain, and keeping calm even when I’d been locked in waiting for my brain to betray me—and
worse, betray the ones who’d set me free.

Knowing it wasn’t going to happen set free all the emotions I’d tried so hard to suppress. My breath
shuddered in and out, and a few tears escaped.

“It’s okay, Kohen. You’ll be all right.” Lakshou stood behind him

An Offer I Could Not Refuse: Part 15 by Michael Mandrake


The meeting with the company board members was very successful. Although many of them so no reason to expand to Africa, I talked them in to it, convincing them the profits would be great. There were many of my vampire brethren in Africa that needed protection from the sun’s rays. Also, they could use some of our medicines. Not only was the expansion a good business decision, it was for the better of humankind as well.

With so much positivity, I was no ready to spend time with my chile. I sensed his bloodlust during the conference. It made me proud and aroused me beyond belief. As I’d told my father, Aaron would make the perfect vampire mate.

If we could get rid of his father’s spirit disturbing us, life would indeed be perfect.

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