Wednesday Briefs: April 18, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 7.3 by Carol Pedroso

“When can we go home?” “I want to go back to grandma’s house.” “I’m tired.”

The kits had been wonderful but the constant traveling was wearing on all of them and the kits most of all. Simon felt Kitryn tense and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Deep breath,” he muttered and received a tight smile.

Meg had moved to walk with the kits and she could be heard explaining once again why they couldn’t return to her house.

Simon looked at the sky. “We need to find shelter soon.” Kitryn nodded and they started checking the sides of the path

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse: Part 8 by Michael Mandrake


Apparently, Aaron forgot I could read minds. No matter what he would try to do, I’d overpower him with ease.

Before I could do anything else, Aaron elbowed me in the chest and I stumbled backwards. I had no breath to lose, but admittedly it did catch me by surprise.

“Aaron!” I screamed after him and streaked to the spot in front of him. My beast was quickly making an appearance. “You cannot escape me, love! You never will!”

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Denied: Chapter Twenty-seven by Cia Nordwell

“So you’ll tell Captain?” I took a deep breath and blew it away, trying to stay calm so Lakshou wouldn’t sense my emotions. I’d open that box I’d used before, the one that helped me survive my years in my cell, and stuffed all the things I couldn’t afford to think about inside it.

Including how much I wanted to talk to Captain myself.

But it was best that I didn’t. We hadn’t spent much time together before, so even though we lived just down the corridor from each other, it would seem odd if we spent a lot of

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The Sheriff #59 (Epilogue 1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“You ready for another beer?” Roy asked.

Dustin consulted the bottle in his hand. It was about a third full yet. “Almost. Give me another ten minutes,” he calculated. “Want me to get you one? Wouldn’t want you to tucker yourself out too soon.” He gave Roy a decidedly evil grin, while Marshall laughed loudly.

“I think somebody’s trying to tell you you’re old, Roy,” Lee joked.

“As if.” Roy snorted. “I don’t remember hearing any complaints about my age last night, do you?”

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Two Girls and Some Ghouls by Avery Dawes

The narrow parking space at the end of the lot was calling my name, so I swung the Jeep Wrangler into position and parked as far away from the overhead security light as possible. Getting a ticket for parking in the Battlefield’s Visitor Center lot after dark was not on my agenda. I looked through the windshield. The sun had already dipped below the mountains in the distance. The violet purples of twilight were fading to deep midnight blues. Before long, the black sky would be filled with pinpoints of white starlight.

My Jeep was filled with all the tension . . .  

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The Faery of Beacon Lake: Part 10 by Nephy Hart

“You are the human who presumes to claim my son.” The king’s voice was like waves crashing against rocks in a storm. Although white-haired, he didn’t look old, neither did the queen, certainly not old enough to have a son Bran’s age. A brief flutter of unease had him wondering how old Bran was. They fey lived long lives.

“I… um….” He stuttered when he realized he was expected to speak.

“Speak up, boy.” The king turned to Bran. “Are you sure? This one seems defective.”

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