Wednesday Briefs: December 6, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Denied: Chapter Eight by Cia Nordwell

“Yes. It’s all yours. You control who comes in. All you have to do is place your hand on the sensor and it will open.”

I looked at the pad inside the door. “From inside?”

“Yes, Cohen. You are not a prisoner on my ship, you’re a guest. It is probably best that you don’t wander around alone, since I don’t want you to get lost, but you’re not trapped here. If you wish to go out, just hit this button which will page the bridge. Someone is on duty at all times and can provide you with assistance.”


The Sheriff #41 (10.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Damn, that felt good. Sure, he’d played with women’s nipples before, many times, but none of them had ever showed an interest in touching his. He hadn’t realized they were so sensitive.  He grasped the back of Dustin’s head and gently lifted it until their eyes met. He wanted to read Dustin’s expression for himself, not have to guess at what he might be thinking.

“If we’re going to keep going, we should go to my room and get more comfortable, I think.”

“I like that idea.”

Dustin’s smile was more than enough to convince Roy he was very much interested in continuing what they were doing. Roy could see a desire in his eyes that matched his own.  “Then let’s do it.”

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Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 2.2 by Carol Pedroso

Simon slowly stretched. Boy, that was a funny dream he’d had. A cat that could turn into a human? Yeah, right. But, damn the human had been sexy. With all that smooth chocolate skin. And those piercing eyes? Mmmm, Simon could’ve just drowned in those eyes. They were like—

“I know you’re awake you know.”

The amused voice had Simon bolting upright and slapping a hand to his head as it started to immediately spin. He then transferred his hand to cover his mouth as his last meal threatened to make a reappearance.

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