Wednesday Briefs: October 11, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Sheriff #33 (9.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“What was that all about?” Jordan whispered angrily in Dustin’s ear. He’d looped an arm about Dustin’s waist and gripped him tightly, as if he thought Dustin might try to wriggle away.

Which he certainly would, if he could.

Still pumped over seeing Roy so unexpectedly, Dustin pushed off from Jordan and took a step back, putting a slight distance between them, but keeping out of Denver’s sight. He didn’t want to his cousin to come any closer to Jordan than he could help. Bad enough he was in Jordan’s sights, but Dustin was working on fixing that. “What do you mean? What was what all about?”

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Forty by Cia Nordwell

I braced both arms on the shower walls and looked down. Steam filled the shower stall, and Ritch was behind me. He’d scrubbed my front and then my back, and now he was plastered against me, his hands rubbing soapy bubbles up and down my abs… and lower.

My plan had been to come inside and apologize, maybe sleep on the couch if Ritch was really mad. I’d screwed up, big time, but my mate was forgiving.

Ritch curled his hand around my length, and I gasped, my hips punching forward.

Very forgiving.

“That’s right. I’ll give you what you

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Byron Kendall – The Man, The Myth, The Legend : Part 1 by Johayan

I was born in Machesney Park, Illinois. Where you say? Machesney Park, Illinois. It’s a suburb of Rockford, which itself is an exurb of Chicago. Thank Gaia for that. There’s nothing to do in Rockford. You can only climb the social ladder so far in a town like Rockford. An easy two hour drive and I’m in downtown Chicago shoulder to shoulder with power brokers and decision makers.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, you want to know all about me.

Mom wasn’t your typical Midwestern woman. It wasn’t until later in my teenage years that I found out…

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Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 70 by Carol Pedroso


Today was the day. Today he was legally joining with the man he loved. His lover. His master. His soon to be husband, not only but he got to…

“Tell me again why I agreed to this?” Toby demanded from in front of the mirror. His bow tie was hanging on either side of his neck and if looks could kill the tie would be ashes. After glaring for a few more minutes he threw his hands up. “I give up. I can’t get this tie to look right.”

Tsking lightly, Daniel moved in front of his pouting brother

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse by Michael Mandrake

After agonizing hours of toiling over useless tasks Mr. Garland’s pick for manager had me complete, I finally left to return home. Several times, I’d thought about calling Mr. Garland back and faking an illness, saying I had stomach troubles or some other ludicrous disease that he would believe.

However, my body wasn’t the problem. My treacherous frame would’ve rather to meet with the vampire, despite the trouble it would cause within my family ranks. Once my clan found out about my decision, I might not be invited to the annual gathering for the rest of my existence. 

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