Wednesday Briefs: September 13, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

 The Sheriff #29 (8.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Roy was glad he didn’t drive a marked police car. He had a sedan he used for police business, and flashing lights he could throw onto the dashboard if he needed them. Most of the time, he drove a pickup in and around Burnham.

That would make keeping an eye on Dustin that much easier. But first he’d have to get out of this uniform, which was a dead giveaway.

They left Harlan’s office with assurances they’d keep him in the loop, and would report back to him as soon as they learned something.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 67 by Carol Pedroso


Carlos sat on his bed and dropped his head to his hands. This was not how he’d hoped to finish the evening. He’d planned on allowing Toby to cheer Daniel up and then after they were alone again he’d planned to try and seduce his boy. Nowhere in his plans did he allow for Daniel wanting his brother to stay. Idiot, of course, Daniel would want his brother to stay close. Silas was out of reach, he’d want his only remaining family close. Why couldn’t Daniel want him close instead? The boy had been pulling more and more into himself since Silas left for his honeymoon.

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Thirty-six by Cia Nordwell

Ritch crawled on the bed, straddling my feet and then slowly making his way up my legs. His eyes were locked on my leaking cock jutting straight up. He stopped around my mid-thighs. I leaned forward and encouraged him to scoot forward the rest of the way. His hands came down on my shoulders.

He was hard and leaking, his cock nestled against my stomach as I held him close to me. I tilted my head back. “Kiss?” It was something he was comfortable with, something that might bring down some of the tension I could feel in his back.

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