Wednesday Briefs: December 28, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #65 (16.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Something was definitely up with Denver and Dustin, Marshall decided on the long trip back to Burnham from Galveston. Denver was texting someone on a regular basis, and every so often he and Dustin would exchange shit-eating grins. But when Marshall asked what was so amusing, they refused to explain. Lee just shrugged it off, and Marshall tried to do the same. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up, though.

“You guys hungry? We can stop and get something to eat,” Lee suggested.

“Naw, let’s just wait till we get back to Burnham,” Denver quickly said.

Marshall half turned in his seat and gave him a curious look. “You won’t

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Waterlord Prequel: Part 4 by Ravon Silvius

As he did every evening, Tom ate in the mess hall. While those with families usually sat with them, sometimes others would join Tom at the children’s tables after grabbing their dinner. It was almost a separate room, partitioned off from the rest of the ship. Tom was ravenous, and got double helpings of everything. He intended this dinner to make up for the lost sandwich.

             It was lonely, with only Tom and another boy, Sam, sitting at the tables. Everyone was probably sitting with their parents because of the storm.

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Buy One Get Two and Three, chapter 40, by Carol Pedroso


Kevin. What was he doing back?

Daniel watched as Kevin approached and hoped that his face didn’t show how scared he was. He knew the bastard would feed on his fear. He wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

“So, boy. Now I have you back you’re going to tell me what happened to your Master. Harold disappeared off the face of the earth and your brother just happened to turn up at exactly the same time. You and Silas are now running around whoring yourselves out at that disgusting club and Harold hasn’t contacted me for over a year. Now, where is he?”

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Mine: Chapter Thirty-three by Cia Nordwell

Kraig’s insight sent the alphas into an uproar. They spoke over each other, everything from denying the possibility to declaring it a reason to hunt down and eradicate everyone involved. I let them get it out of their system before I spoke up.

“You’ve seen the evidence I’ve presented.” I pushed my chair back and stood. “My streak has born the burden of this discovery, but and the ongoing conspiracy against all werekin. We know, from my mate, that those who set this in motion will harm those innocent and unwilling to further their cause. I call upon the alphas

The Secret Sanctuary: Part 1 by Johayan

I looked at my schedule for the week. Busy but not overbooked, the schedule looked to be filled with regulars. One good thing about being a massage therapist, if you’re good, you quickly develop a steady client base. A week of regulars meant that I’d really not have much unexpected work come in and that meant steady money. I will never complain about steady money.

There were three of us who worked at The Secret Sanctuary. We had gone to massage school together and decided that we would open a massage shop/spa with a more esoteric focus.

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