Wednesday Briefs: November 23, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Regeneration: Chapter 1 Part 3 by Louise Lyons

“Save that for the wildlife.” I frowned at her pistol as she halted a couple of meters from the door. The woman glanced around her, but returned her gaze quickly to my face as she lowered the gun.

“What kind of place is this?”

“It used to be a weapons factory. It’s been deserted for years. My ship crashed here six months ago.”

“How many of you are there?”

“Just me. Some of the others died on impact. The rest were killed.”

“Killed by what?” The gray-haired guy was the one who asked. He stepped forward, giving his prisoner

Mine: Chapter Twenty-eight by Cia Nordwell

“Why would a human werekin do this to me?” Kraig said.

“I bet I know.” Park’s nostrils were flaring. “We’ve heard the jokes and the biased bullshit about human werekin, but I don’t think any of us in this streak know how bad it is. Ritch told me stories… he was given away, sold, to another man.

“Before that, he was the lowest member of his streak. In the new group, he was even lower than that. He was a slave, a plaything. They could beat him, starve him, do anything they wanted. That’s the life of a human werekin.”

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 36 by Carol Pedroso


Daniel was dead. He must be, because he felt like he was in heaven.

Carlos’ lips felt soft and his tongue…oh God…his tongue felt wonderful exploring Daniel’s mouth as though he had every right—which of course he did. Daniel melted against the strong chest of his master. He felt safe and, dare he even think it? Loved.


Carlos had to keep from pinching himself. His boy was melded to him like a second skin and the moans being fed into his mouth were arousing him beyond anything he’d ever felt. All he wanted was to bend Daniel over the nearest flat surface

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Moving Forward #60 (15.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall was sure he could not have heard Lee correctly.

Marry him? How? They both knew their union would never be permitted by any government anywhere. Attempting to take out a marriage license would probably only get them both in trouble. Marshall might wish it to be otherwise—with all his heart, he wanted to be out and proud with Lee—but he knew that could never be.

Could it?

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Demon: Chapter 40 by Nephy Hart

“You would dare to interrupt a sacred ritual?” the Druid roars, his voice magnified by the cave walls and sent back in endless echoes.

“You promised you would wait?” Mother says, as Father holds back a furious King Aleric.

“I said the ritual would take place at sunrise.”

“The ritual is almost at its end.” Mother has changed since she came from the temple. The Great Mother would not speak to me, so she retired to the inner sanctum alone. She assures me The Mother will save our love, but it’s hard to believe. “Preparation is not the ritual.”

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