Wednesday Briefs: November 25, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Let Me In, Chapter 30, By Carol Pedroso

Thomas tossed the canister into the old dinner and as soon as smoke was billowing out the cracked windows he started yelling. “Go. Go. Go.”

They crashed through the doors and Cade saw six men and Hayley. At his signal he felt Jaydon send a mental command out passing over him and the rest of the assault team. “Everyone down, now.”

The men, who had been coughing when they crashed in, fell to the floor instantly. Hayley was at the opposite end of the dinner from where Cade entered. She swayed when the command went out but stayed standing.

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Innocence & Carnality Part 20 by Mann Ramblings

“Are you planning on tinkering with that clock for much longer?”

“It’s what I do. I’m almost done.”

Rother gave me an impatient sigh. Sprawled out naked on the bed, he waited for me. His erect member flagged, the indecent stroking having ended some time ago. In all fairness, I would have completed fixing the clock if I hadn’t continued to take sideways glances at his efforts. Even after all the carnal things we’d shared, his frank hedonism unsettled me.

“A hobby may be useful for you to spend your time, but I don’t prefer to come second to it.”

“You act as if there’s nothing more between us but physical relations.”

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No Flash: Chapter Five by Cia Nordwell 

“Please, please sleep.” Micah was whimpering, his cheeks scarlet with fat tears dripping from his eyes. He was ramping up to scream some more because Evin tried to lay him down. Nothing Evin tried was working except pacing with him. Micah got some relief from the pain in his gums at least. All Evin wanted was twenty minutes—a power nap, that’s it.

“Evin?” The stage whisper startled him, and he jumped, setting Micah off.

“Shh. It’s okay. It’s just Auntie Carl.” Evin swayed back and forth, shushing until Micah quit screaming, but he was definitely awake.

Gianna walked in

The Caretaker: Chapter 8 by Rob Colton
“Will you two get up already?” I let out an exasperated huff.
Grant and Chris rose from their kneeling positions. They stood there, staring at the ground, neither speaking. I looked back and forth between them, waiting.
The silence lingered until it became excruciatingly uncomfortable.
“For god’s sake. You guys make me crazy.”
Still neither spoke.
“Okay, whatever. I’m not doing this. Find someone else.”
I pushed past Grant, who finally turned around. “Hudson, you can’t do that!”
“Since both of you want to keep me in the dark, then let’s just pretend none of this happened.”

To Be Determined: Part 9 by Johayan

The day had started much earlier with sweaty toe-curling sex that had left Shawn spent, laying in a puddle of his own sweat, Bryan’s rough-riding wearing him down to exhaustion.  Shawn had never felt anything like it.  Raw passionate sex but yet Bryan was concerned about his enjoyment and actually listened to him.  Bryan had started out in his normal caring ‘making love’ ways but something about Shawn had brought out the animalistic carnal urges that he had been repressing so long…

They had passed out with their sweaty bodies pressed together, still in the state of passion


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A Vinnie and Ethan Thanksgiving: Part I by Julie Lynn Hayes

Ethan Thorne, I decided, was a thorn in my side—no pun intended—and had been ever since we got out of training. Whoever had the idea of teaming me up with that pretty boy should have their head examined. As soon as the holidays were over, I intended to ask for another partner. I knew better than to try any sooner. The office staff let it be known that any extra paperwork they received would be “accidentally” buried, and probably not see the light of day until the new millennium. Since I didn’t intend to be around then, I realized he was going to remain my problem until at least the start of the next year. And then he’d be gone so fast, it would make his pretty head spin.

Happy New Year, Ethan, here’s your hat, where’s your hurry?

It was Thanksgiving Day. We were working a case in Duluth, Minnesota, a suspected kidnapping. The weather was cold, but nothing I wasn’t used to, coming from Joliet, Illinois, which is just south of Chicago. Thorne was a Southern boy—I think he said Atlanta—and while he didn’t complain about it, I could tell he was cold. And hard.

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Blessing in Disguise by Avery Dawes

Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all was…well, normal, considering Argentinians didn’t celebrate the occasion. Just another working Wednesday.
Why haven’t I heard from Brett? Cam had spent the day checking his email in between meetings, hoping for a message from his sort-of boyfriend back in the States. He’d tried to reach him last night, but no luck. Brett’s flight was due to arrive in Buenos Aires later today. Maybe his cell phone was dead or didn’t have service? Or maybe something worse…like Brett wouldn’t show. Cam felt like a fool, dreaming about spending a cozy long weekend…

Solar Shorts by Taylin Clavelli

What was there not to like? The shorts were awesome, and the ass inside was mesmerizing.

Every week I parked my car at the velodrome. Inside, I changed into my aerodynamic cycling kit and kept my eyes open. What for? The telltale solar system designed shorts that housed what I considered to be the rear of the universe let alone the year.

From one training session to the next I’d happily orbit around the man, when he was having tactical lessons, and I was going through my paces on the high sided, curved track.

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