Wednesday Briefs: July 15, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

At Full Speed #18 by Chris T. Kat

Jake didn’t recall the walk to his bed. Neither did he have any memory about how they ended up in his bed, both wearing shirts and briefs, with him nestled securely against Bruce’s side.

Dusk settled outside, and the only light in Jake’s bedroom came from the old lamp on his bedstand. Bruce rubbed circles on his back, sometimes using his full hand, sometimes using just the tip of his fingers. Jake wiggled closer to Bruce and sighed.

Bruce’s chest expanded, and even though Jake’s head rested on Bruce’s impressive ribcage, he sensed Bruce’s smile in his voice.

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Fortitude: Part Thirty-eight by Cia Nordwell 

He was bedraggled and dirty. And very hungry. Good thing I’d brought a large bag of cured meat, cheese, and a thick roll of bread. I figured, if he grew up in a city, he’d probably miss fresh break. It smelled amazing. Teddy’s stomach growled, and I pulled out a sandwich I’d made up for him from the supplies I’d filched from the kitchen after the servants had gone to bed.

Wildman licked his fingers and stuck them in bag, picking up crumbs and sucking them off his fingers. I winced; his nails were broken and black, and I could

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 10 by Jim Dunaway

Ethan, Chris, Troy and Alicia, having already seen the video, were as prepared as anyone could be. Nobody else was. The judge opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. The members of the jury all sat there stunned. Ethan was totally hysterical. His siblings and his best friend surrounded him and held him close.

The judge noticed that they left the spectator seating area and were sitting around the plaintiff table trying to console the inconsolable. “I’ve seen enough.” He looked towards the jury box and everyone nodded, indicating that they had seen enough. The video was turned off.

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Innocence & Carnality by Mann Ramblings

“Who told you?” My mother, Lady Margaritte Valencus, huffed in disgust as she sat on the edge of the settee. Her back poised tall, with perfect posture, never touching the tufted, embroidered cushions behind her. A woman of her standing could be expected to do no less. “I swear your brothers are like a pair of gossiping old women at times, Nathan.”

My chest pinched at the news. “So it’s true.”

Yes. Yes, it is.”

I knew this day would eventually come, but the proof brought me to a morose silence.

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Don’t Look Back #54 (10.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

They’d ordered the sleeping bag from Cabelas. It was double the size of a regular one, and could be broken down into two if the need arose. But Marshall and Lee never slept apart. They appreciated the roominess the larger bag afforded, but they always ended up snuggled tightly together when it came time for sleep, Lee’s strong arms wound about Marshall like a security blanket.

Still, the room was there if they ever wanted or needed it.

They fished for a while, throwing back whatever they caught. They’d catch them again some other time; that wasn’t the reason they were there. Afterward, Lee made a small fire. While the days were still warm, even for December, the nights were colder, and a little extra heat never hurt. Besides which, he’d promised Marshall he’d never have to sleep in the dark again, and Lee was a man of his word.

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 21 by Johayan

Jaryl came bursting out of the passageway and dropped to his knees in front of Maikyl.

“My sovereign, I am so sorry to keep you waiting.  There’s been an accident in the kitchen and I was helping with the recovery.”

“Recovery?” Maikyl asked astonished, “Recovery?  What has happened and are there injuries?”

“Two of the cooks were killed.  One of the large soup racks collapsed while they were trying to bring the kettle off.  When the kettle fell, they tried getting out of the way and fell back into the hearth.”

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Aesthetics of Invention: Part 29 by Ravon Silvius

Thorn walked with his head held high and his mage lover by his side. They passed the stables, where they tied up their horses, and then strode down the hall, Thorn’s body fizzing with excitement and no small amount of arousal.

 George didn’t matter. What other people thought, mage or talentless, didn’t matter. What mattered was Kenneth, here and now.

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Demon: Chapter Nine by Nephylim

Fear grips me so hard I can’t breathe. What is this? What is he doing to me? This can’t be normal. This intensity. This pleasure. This pain. If others had felt this I would know. No one could go through this and be unchanged.

Sensations unlike any I have ever felt before are building in me and I can’t contain them. I can’t cope any longer. I can’t take any more.

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