Wednesday Briefs: June 24, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Don’t Look Back #51 (9.8) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Despite Marshall’s growing impatience, Lee took his time, placating Marshall with gentle kisses and caresses which he bestowed upon his cock. Marshall began to relax, opening himself to Lee’s touch. Lee’s fingers no longer felt intrusive. Three digits were now embedded in him, and Marshall knew he was ready for something more.

Finally, Lee drew back, removing his fingers. Marshall felt disappointed at their loss, but only momentarily, for he knew what was to follow.  “Want to do the honors?”  Lee asked. He nodded toward the lube, and then his cock.

Marshall’s eyes grew wide. “Yes!” he replied without hesitation.  He blindly groped for the lube, never taking his eyes from Lee, not wanting to break the connection between them even for a second.

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 7 by Jim Dunaway

“One moment please.” The enforcer picked up the telecommicator and informed the chief enforcer of Troy’s presence. “The chief enforcer will be with you shortly. You can have a seat over there.”

“Thank you.” Troy took the indicated seat. A short time later the chief enforcer approached him with his hand outstretched.

“Mister Evans? I’m Chief Enforcer Andrews. Thank you for coming in. Follow me, please.” He was taken to a room with a large glass wall. Despite all the advanced in technology, the old-fashioned police lineup still worked.


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Fortitude: Part Thirty-five by Cia Nordwell 

“All this activity can’t be good for your shoulder.” Teddy was hugging his arm to his chest since I’d removed the sling to undress him, and I could see he was sore. There were shadows under his eyes that hadn’t been there before, his weary expression aging him. “Let me give you a massage.”

I helped Teddy maneuver until he was flat on his stomach, his arm cushioned comfortably on a down pillow. I climbed onto the bed, straddling his thighs. The long, lean muscles of his back led to a generous posterior I’d be more than willing to massage.

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Aesthetics of Invention: Part 28 by Ravon Silvius

It had been a frantic hour since leaving the slums. He had run into Saul at the stables, and been told that Thorn had gone looking for him.

 Gone looking for him. The words had warmed the last bits of worried ice in Kenneth’s heart. Thorn wanted him too.

 And when he saw him on the road, he felt the familiar flare of magic, warming his body and making Jade’s pounding hooves feel like he was gliding on air.

 He stopped when he got close, staring at his lover. It had only been a few hours, but it felt longer.

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