Wednesday Briefs: May 20, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 2 by Jim Dunaway

In practically no time at all Ethan had the estimates ready. He called the client and gave them both estimates. When asked which option would be better, he responded, “The wood is in really good shape. It’s solid wood, not that veneer-covered pressboard crap. I really don’t think that a complete rebuild is necessary. All it really needs is sanding down and refinishing. I like to give my customers the option of restoration or a complete rebuild.

“Some pieces of furniture that have come through here needed to be rebuilt from scratch. This is not one of those cases.

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Demon by Nephy Hart

It seems like only minutes ago I was arguing with Jandra about seeing the demon, and now he is here, in my chambers. But he is not a demon. He is an angel. He sits primly besides me with his eyes closed. I wonder what he’s thinking. The expression on his face is one of utter contentment. I hope that is the case, and he is not assailed by the acid fear that plagues me. True, I am a prince, but my father is king. If he orders the demon to be executed there is little I could do –– other than flee. That is a real possibility and one I am willing for.

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Let Me In: Chapter 15 by Carol Pedroso

“Are we nearly there yet?” Louis asked for the umpteenth time, grinning when Cade’s hands clenched on the steering wheel.

“Say that again and I’ll slug you,” Cade growled in Louis’ mind.

Louis laughed silently and settled back in the passenger seat.

They’d been on the road for over two hours and Louis had worked out fairly quickly exactly how to tease and wind up Cade. 

Cade said the journey would take about five hours and Louis was charged with coming up with ways to pass the time.

So far they’d played ‘I Spy’ and even had a game of ‘Would you rather’.


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Don’t Look Back #46 (9.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Wh-why not?” Marshall’s heart beat painfully, and he had to fight against the tears that threatened.

“Because… we just… there’s things…”

Marshall had never seen Lee look as flustered as he did at that moment. His cheeks were flush, and his eyes were filled with something Marshall couldn’t identify. At first, he thought it might be horror at the idea, and his heart clenched. But then he rethought that idea, and decided that saying no was causing Lee pain. Which only fed his notion that Lee wanted him too.

“What things, Lee? I don’t understand.” Marshall pushed, even as he scooted a little closer to Lee, close enough to feel the warmth of Lee’s breath on his skin. He heard Lee’s breath hitch, watched him struggle to regain control of himself. Marshall unabashedly took advantage of the moment to kiss Lee again, at the same time, placing his hand on Lee’s hip.

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Full Speed #14 by Chris T. Kat

Bruce kept sitting on the closed toilet lid, his hands linked loosely between his thighs. Sometimes he lifted his head, gave Jake a small smile, then bowed his head again. With anyone else it would’ve felt weird, oppressing, a looming presence of upending doom, but Jake didn’t experience any of these feelings, just a safety he’d long forgotten.

When the water started to cool, Jake moved and pulled the plug. “Can you give me a towel, please?”

Bruce’s head shot up, and it took him a moment to nod. He jerked to his feet, took the towel off the rack, and held it out for Jake. After climbing to his feet, Jake reached out for the towel. Bruce had other ideas, though. He wrapped the fabric around Jake’s body and lifted him out of the tub, causing Jake to squeak in surprise. When Bruce stood him on the bath mat, he bent his head and rubbed their noses together in a tender Eskimo kiss.

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Fortitude: Part Thirty by Cia Nordwell 

Gut-churning rage consumed me as I watched several nobles watching Teddy and me with avarice naked on their faces. Pure greed motivated them, and now that I wasn’t blinded by my need to be one of them, I could see it. It was glaringly obvious, from the tips of their carefully curled hair to the toes of their pointy, useless shoes encrusted with jewels.

Every painted face was a mask I’d never penetrated before, but was now paper thin.

And what they wanted us for… I would never let that happen.

 “Did you see these, Will?” Teddy gestured with his

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