Wednesday Briefs: April 29, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Don’t Look Back #43 (8.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The half-made breakfast plans were shelved. No one was in the mood to go to Milly’s now. They loaded the gear in the back of the truck and headed home instead. Once they’d unpacked, Roy volunteered to make coffee, so Marshall and Lee headed into the family room. They sat together on the couch. Lee held Marshall’s hand tightly, and Marshall welcomed the firm grip, afraid if Lee let go, he’d fall apart.

Marshall was already struggling to hold himself together as it was. Every fear he’d ever had was attempting to manifest itself. They were all connected, in some way, with the loss of Lee. But he was damned if he was going to ever cry because of her again.

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Fortitude: Part Twenty-seven by Cia Nordwell 

 “Teddy? Are you okay?”

“Maybe.” Now he definitely sounded hurt.

Figuring out how to get down to him without dropping the lamp was tricky, and sweat was trickling down my back by the time I dropped to the floor by his feet. I held the light up. Teddy was cradling one arm, and his shoulder had an odd hunch. Dislocated.

“You sure know how to make an entrance, Teddy.”

“I didn’t mean to make a scene. Do you think anyone noticed?” he joked in a weak voice.

“Yes. The gentleman on your right is quite incensed.” I pushed away several

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A River Rendezvous by Avery Dawes

Marching was vastly overrated, Henry decided, especially beneath a blistering sun. And they’d been at it all day. Dinner—whatever they managed to scrounge—and then into his bedroll. Well, he amended, after he took a bath. At this rate, the Union soldiers would smell him before they ever caught sight of him. Henry hadn’t bathed in two days. Not since the thunderstorm that drenched his clothes and made his socks squish in his shoes.

“Keep up, Henry, we’re almost there.” Lt. Robertson, his commanding officer and former neighbor, gave him a friendly shove. “I know it’s been a long day.”

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At Full Speed #11 by Chris T. Kat

 Jake’s breath rattled in his chest even though he’d stopped crying a long time ago. Or maybe the rattling sound came from his bones? His whole frame seemed to shake so badly his knees slammed together painfully, no matter how hard he tried to control himself.

There had been people, quite a few actually, who asked if they needed an ambulance, but Bruce managed to decline all their efforts and concern with firmness and kindness. How did he do that?

A Shaman’s Gift: Part 17 by Johayan

Maikyl slipped under the furs and pressed his body against Kevyl’s.
Running his hand across Kevyl’s ever growing belly, he wondered just how
long it would be before he would be a father.

Kevyl was momentarily distracted by Maikyl’s touch but the tedium of
being stuck in bed for the last month was starting to get to him.
“Maikyl my love, hold me tight before I start screaming. I’m so sick of
laying here.  All I do is eat and fart.  I swear if I get any bigger,
I’m just going to explode!”

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Let Me In: Chapter 14 By Carol Pedroso 
Louis was only doing a half shift and so finished midnight. After contacting Cade they met in the reception area
Walking out the door they were confronted by a wall of rain.
“Oh not again. The weather spell must be malfunctioning – again,” louis moaned looking at the gushing water flowing down the street.
“Well we’ll just have to run,” Cade grinned holding out his hand to Louis.
They giggled like children as they ran together, Cade shortening his stride to match Louis.
They arrived at Louis flat soaked to the skin. Louis flip the light switch but nothing happened

 Demon by Nephy Hart

I open my eyes and gaze at an angel. Eyes more silver than blue hover inches from mine, and long white hair tickles my cheek, dyed pale gold in places by the blazing sun. I blink and a lightbulb flashes in my head. By the light of the bulb, I see something. I see a forest glade and a man; a beautiful man, bathed in sunlight, his golden hair ablaze. Bare to the waist, showing off an impressive torso, he carries two long knives and a quiver of arrows. I am frozen, breathless from his beauty and the lovely menace he presents.

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