Wednesday Briefs: February 4, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time: Chapter 36 by Jim Dunaway


Ryan’s cousin, Colin, slapped the Alarm Cancel button with one hand and the Emergency Reverse button with the other. Duncan raced into the control room, “What the hell was that?” He demanded.

“I don’t know,” Colin answered. “Just as I got here Ryan and Ethan were materializing in travellator 2. I hit the Emergency Reverse button to send them back. Let me take a look at the timeline monitor and logs to see if I can figure out what happened.”

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Let Me In – Chapter Fve by Carol Pedroso

Louis watched Cade nervously as he waited to see what the other man’s reaction would be. He heaved a sigh of relief when a grin spread over Cade’s face.

“Does that mean I still get a tour?” Cade asked.

Louis nodded, smiling, and pointed to the clinic main doors, before heading that direction.


Cade was silently cheering, he now knew why neither he nor his friends had heard Louis talk.

It didn’t bother him that Louis was deaf and mute, but it did bother him that Louis obviously thought it would affect Cade’s attitude towards him. He wanted to

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Cyan: Chapter 26 by Nephylim

The exam was torture. Fortunately, it was History, a subject Robin loved and had revised thoroughly for. He tried hard to concentrate, but his mind kept going round in circles, and coming back to the expression on Gillian’s face. He’d seen her text on the way to the hall and was pretty sure of what he’d find when he left.

Was he ready for this? He glanced over to Cyan, who was bent over the desk, writing furiously. As if aware of the scrutiny, Cyan glanced up, flashed him a lovely smile, then went straight back to work. Oh who was he kidding? Of course he was ready. He’d been ready for ages.

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Rattletrap #32 by Tali Spencer


“What is he up to?”

 Straske may have pinned him against the mess room wall, but at least Jedd no longer wondered why the usually hostile first officer had sought him out. Everyone was on edge—human and Ghisr—and that probably went double for Straske. No one knew what Ussim was planning.

 “You seriously think I know?”

 “You’re the only one of us he talks to alone. Don’t deny it. You and he spent quality time in that storeroom they commandeered.” Straske’s lip curled a little, but he kept his tone civil.

 “Trust me, he wasn’t divulging battle plans.”

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Fortitude: Part Sixteen by Cia Nordwell

Being alone in his bed sucked. It was too big, and even though he could hear Teddy’s breathing, it wasn’t good enough. They’d risked life and limb together, and Will felt closer to Teddy than ever. He refused to allow them to drift apart and follow the paths others set in front of them.

He wanted a different life.

Will slid off his bed, wincing at the cold stone floor against the sore soles of his feet. He cautiously made his way over to the door. He found the lantern and sent a tiny wave of power down his hand,

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At Full Speed #3 by Chris T. Kat

Jake brewed himself a steaming mug of peppermint tea and carried it to the sofa. He dropped into his favorite corner of the light gray-colored couch, sighing. Tucking his knees up under his chin, he draped the nearest afghan around him. This time it was a dark navy-blue one—knitted, if he wasn’t mistaken. Jake’s gaze swept over the various afghans spread out across his two sofas. His mother loved to knit, crochet, and whatever had to do with wool, so Jake had accumulated a large amount of handmade items—towels, pictures, small carpets, sweaters, hats—the list went on forever.

He picked up his mug and inhaled the strong scent, then took a sip. “Wow, how exciting. I could get fucked, but what am I doing? Sitting at home, drinking peppermint tea. No wonder no one wants me.”

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Storm Touched by Shelly Schulz 

The weight of Astrid’s words hung between us, I felt as though I could reach out, pluck them from the air and stuff them away in my pocket before anyone else could have the chance to hear. To suggest something as audacious as ridding myself of the uniform of the Touched—it frightened me more than the fact that I had left home. She was surely all shades of evil wrapped up in a beautiful package.

“What if someone finds out?”

“You stand out more in that.” She gestured at the uniform. “Wouldn’t you rather not attract attention?” She got up.

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Don’t Look Back #32 (6.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee gave no indication he’d noticed Marshall’s entrance. Marshall realized it was up to him to make the first move, and that knowledge was thrilling to him. This was it, the time was now.

Lee had turned on the bedside lamp in order to read. Marshall rounded the bed and clicked it off, gently removing Lee’s paperback from his loose grasp. Marshall glimpsed the corner of Lee’s mouth go up, as if he’d been expecting as much. He never said a word when Marshall thrust a bookmark inside and laid it on the table. He never moved either, comfortably reclining on one side, his back to Marshall.

Turning back to Lee, Marshall lowered his head to Lee’s neck and kissed the soft flesh. He inhaled Lee’s skin, growing hard at the familiar scent. His hand moved down along Lee’s body, tenderly stroking and caressing. He heard a soft rumble issue from Lee, which only served to inflame his desire.

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 9 by Johayan

The Lodge Guard spotted the brilliant verdant standard of the Pamnyki
advancing up the road from the Everwater River, followed quickly by the
blare of horns and drums that announced the approach of the Pamnyki
delegation. The servants and butlers went from their normal routine to a
flurry of frenzied activity with meals and hospitality that had to be
readied for the delegation and their staff.  The Lodge steward Brandyl
gave a final inspection of the state suites that would be assigned to
the incoming Pamnyki and announced their readiness before heading to the
galley to check in with kitchen steward.

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