Wednesday Briefs: December 31, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Cool Countdown by Cia Nordwell

I was eager to get out of my brother’s house. Thirteen days of family time was enough. I had a New Year’s Eve party to go to, thankfully. Sydney was meeting me here, since his family had gotten back late that afternoon from the trip.  Good thing the girls were already in bed. Their sticky little hands often destroyed on my clothes.

Jaime frowned. “You’re going out… in that?”

 “Did you just channel Mom?” My mom had been nice, but conservative. Jaime had only been a few years old when our dad remarried, so she was the only

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Don’t Look Back #27 (5.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The swat was repeated, and immediately after, Marshall felt the ice being pressed against the spot. The contrast between the warmth and the cold sent tingles shooting through him. Damn, it hurt so good. And he found the darkness wasn’t quite as terrifying as he would have thought. He knew Lee was right there, and always would be. Nothing bad could happen to him as long as they were together. The knowledge was comfortable, and he felt more secure for it.

He felt Lee’s weight shift on the bed, heard what he thought was the clink of ice, and then he felt a fresh coldness on his balls. “Damn!” he inadvertently exclaimed, more surprised than anything.

“Too much? Want me to quit?” Lee’s soft voice encompassed him. Marshall shook his head.

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 6 by Johayan

“Talk about taking a risk.” Jonyl said quietly to the assembled war
council, “Maikaj wants to declare war against Leathart.” as a chorus of
murmurs erupted from the war council.

Maikyl’s health had been slowly failing as parts of Talija had fallen to
the forces of Leathart.  Benjyl had been by his side for the last two
weeks and couldn’t explain how he had managed to keep as healthy as he
was considering the land loss they had experienced in the past month.
All Benjyl could say for certain is that it was as if there was another
energy invigorating him.

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In Enemy Hands:  #3.6 by M.A. Church

The way Adlar said princeling sent chills through him. He just wasn’t sure if they were good chills or bad… or maybe he was just cold because of his damp head. And why was he holding onto his sash as if it was some sort of… trophy? The thought scared him almost as badly as the earlier pain.

 “I—My father will pay for my return,” Varo blurted, shoving his dirty hair off his face.

 He’d convince his father to bargain for his crew, too, even though that would leave him indebted. He refused to leave his crew here while he went free.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter Fourteen by Sarah Hayes

When Riley had returned to the Belle Facce office with a stranger in tow, the sleepy series of cubicles suddenly took notice of his new blond friend. Fiore quickly found himself the source of work coming to a sudden halt as everyone made a beeline to introduce themselves, and ask him how he and Riley met.

Say we’re childhood friends or something, Riley advised. Say you’re an old school pal who just happened to run into me on the sidewalk. Say you’re a visiting alien from outer space who finds our way of life fascinating. Anything but you’re the random guy who saved me from my abusive ex-boyfriend and then walked me across the street because I was too afraid to do it myself.

“We literally just met!” Fiore chirped, crushing Riley’s need for a cover story. Luckily, Fiore didn’t mention Jonathan, or the confrontation between the three of them.

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Dance into the year by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Portia placed her gloved hand on the handle. She hesitated. Her stomach churned uncomfortably. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea. She should be at home eating ice cream, watching lame 80’s movies and cuddling with her pet. She glanced at the cab’s clock. It was 11:00 pm. She could still make it to her family’s dinner party. Granted, there wouldn’t be any food left but at least she wouldn’t be alone for New Years.

“Are you getting out, miss?”

The driver’s thick Spanish accent brought her out of her reverie. She nodded. She’d come this far.

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New Year’s Decadence by Avery Dawes

Carson rolled over, reaching for Tyler, only to find his side of the bed empty, the sheets cool. Groaning, Carson sat up enough so he could scan the room before checking the time. Maybe he’d slept later than he thought? He struggled to remember if Tyler had mentioned something about going out first thing this morning. 

When he didn’t spy Tyler or hear him banging around the kitchen, he glanced at the clock; however, something blocked the normally bright blue numbers on the face. Carson fumbled, finally grabbing the object. After he adjusted the bed pillows, he examined what was…

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 Flood: Chapter 12 by Caraway Carter

Jeb was brushing the hair out of his eyes as I looked at them, my brows drawing down in confusion. “Pull-apart? What’s that exactly?”

Hurlee looked at the ground between me and Jeb before continuing.  “Our race has those certain ones who have a special ability to inhabit other bodies.  There are many ranges and skills for inhabiting others.  Derwa and I have the ability to enter a body through sexual means, and once inside, we are able to find the source of that body’s passion. There are still others who cannot exit a body once it has been

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