Wednesday Briefs: June 25, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter Seven by Kazy Reed

Not until I reached the street where the club was located, did I realize I was underage. Hopefully, Aramis had arranged something with the bouncer, or maybe it was an 18+ club. I parked in a garage and walked to a non-descript brick warehouse with a neon “A” hanging over the door. Other than that, there were no markings. A line of people waiting to get in stretched down the sidewalk, and I was relieved to see that many of them didn’t look much older than me.

The bouncer checked my ID and asked me for the password.

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Hope: Chapter 36 by Chris T. Kat

We descended deeper and deeper under the ground. Shane kept his hand on my shoulder while I brushed my hand along the stone wall. No matter how much I strained my eyes, the darkness remained pitch-black. The stench grew in intensity.

At one point, I stopped and coughed. The cough turned into retching. I panted and swallowed convulsively, not wanting to give in. Wouldn’t that just be the cherry on the cake? Me vomiting like some delicate little thing?

Shane laid his other hand on my shoulder, pushed me sideways, and said, “Come on, Gil, get it out of your system.”

The Runner by Sarah Hayes

Two days after Desmond Hume returns to the mainland and settles into his new California home with Penny and their son, two days since Desmond was able to live somewhere that wasn’t surrounded by water, whether it be island or boat, he goes for a run.

He hasn’t gone for a proper run since he trained for Widmore’s sail race across the world, over ten years ago, when the biggest trouble on his mind was earning the respect of a man who saw him as so much dirt on the bottom of his shoe. But he’s been running.

The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

The entire agony of the trip to the hospital—walking to the shore, the boat ride, lying in the back seat of Noah’s SUV, bumps and twists and turns—blurred in Levi’s mind as he laid on the gurney in the ER.  The flimsy pale blue curtain around his bed did little to drown out the noises of the hospital. X-rays had been taken, blood had been drawn, parents had been called and pain medication had been administered. The pills took the edge off the pain and clouded his mind. If only he could sleep before his parents arrived. If only I could crawl into a hole

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Riding Lessons by Avery Dawes

After pulling his hat lower to block the blazing Texas sun, Luke leaned against Rosie, his faded red 1978 Ford pickup. He crossed his feet at the ankles as he watched a shiny BMW make its way down the rutted farm lane toward him.

He didn’t have any riding lessons scheduled for today. The driver must be lost; although, his ranch was miles from the closest town. Luke heaved a sigh as the guy parked and got out of the car. Lord, save me from idiots on my day off. Please.

The man walked over, slid the Ray Bans to the top of his head. . .

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Lost Inside: Chapter 27 by Cia Nordwell

“What in the hell are you doing to him?” Benny ran his fingers over the cuffs. They were heavy duty. The Tiger taking his blood ignored him. Two big guards both sniggered.

Benny spat at them, blood and spit spraying their boots. One hissed. The other growled and kicked Benny in the stomach. He groaned, falling sideways, ripping the needle out of his arm.

“What the hell?” the Tiger snapped. “Stop kicking him until I’m done.”

The guards glowered at him. The pain in Benny’s guts and the ribs he’d probably cracked trying to fight the attackers off when they

Cyan by Nephylim

The day passed in relative peace, except that Gillian wouldn’t leave Robin alone.

When her initial attempt to persuade him that he hadn’t really meant to break up with her didn’t work, she tried to wheedle her way into friendship. That was harder to get out of.

“Nothing good will come of it,” Aivah warned him, and he knew she was right, but what could he do?

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Black Cat by Larry Benjamin

Felix unlocked the gate remotely. Jason opened the front door and stepped into cool of the hall, a shadow obscuring his face. He looked up, and seeing Felix at the top of the stairs he seemed to falter—it was the tiniest hesitation and in a moment he was cloaked in his usual blistering bravado. “Hey,” he called. “What happened? You never lock the gate.”

Their cat, Rover, who had been roaming the upstairs hall with feline grace, now rubbed himself against Felix’s leg. He was a beautiful cat. Jet black, with a splash of white across his chest, he was elegant as a tuxedo.

“Where were you?” Felix demanded.

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Rattletrap #2 by Tali Spencer

Jedd froze in place along with the other humans. No one wanted to be the first to make a move. The warm damp of too many bodies exchanging breath in too small a space had already begun to make them sweat, and Jedd was glad of the moisture wicking nature of his company-issued garments. Many of the others preferred ragcloth, with the result that now—in the bluish green light of combined bio fluorescence and enemy weaponry—the clothing stuck wetly to their torsos and limbs.

 Only three of the armored creatures facing them bore weapons. The one that did not was… striking.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 13 by Jim Dunaway

“This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.” Duncan growled.

“I don’t understand. Ryan’s dead Duncan. There’s nothing more we can do.”

“There’s something I can do. If I have to do it myself, I’ll go back in time and prevent Ryan from being attacked in the first place.”

“Can you really do that?”

“Legally, no, but try and stop me!” He grabbed his CompCom and called Liam. “Liam, set travellator 3 to the date in Evans’ obituary and the geographic coordinates to the woods Ryan described behind the Evans property.

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Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 32 by Rob Colton

Don’t freak out.
Noah glanced over at Eli. The man had both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Aside from the sound of the truck speeding across the asphalt road, it was silent.
Maybe Eli didn’t actually mean to ask Noah to move in. Maybe Eli was just feeling vulnerable because of his dad’s health scare. He didn’t know what he was asking.
You know he did. The man has your name permanently inked onto his body for god’s sake.

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To Touch the Sky – #2.2: byM.A. Church

“Ah, look…” Hawk fought not to fidget. He was drawing a blank on the guy’s name.

Another sigh came from the man across from him. “You don’t remember my name, do you? We’ve gone to bed three times now, and you can’t remember my name. It’s Nicky.”

You weren’t even in the right ballpark.

“I’m sorry, Nicky. I’m just really bad with names. But yes, I don’t bring a guy home more than three times. It’s a rule. You’re nice and all—”

“Oh God, seriously? You’re giving me the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ excuse?” Nicky glared at Hawk.

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Don’t Look Back: Chapter Two by Julie Lynn Hayes

Discipline and the feel of a leather belt were bound up in some of Marshall’s earliest memories. His father hadn’t spared the use of the belt with his son, and Marshall could not argue there were times when he flat out deserved it. He was mouthy and bold, and often spoke first, without thinking through what the consequences of his words might be.

He quickly learned that wasn’t necessarily the way to go.

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Growth: Part 25by Grace R. Duncan

“Now,” Nadir said, picking up a basket on the neighboring lounger and handing it to Teman. He pulled a piece of gold out and held it up. “Your collar. You will wear this at all times except during baths, which you will have often.” He placed the collar around Ghalib’s neck and Ghalib’s heart quickened when it was snapped closed. “Are you okay?” Nadir asked.

Ghalib nodded. “Yes, I… it’s… just… different.”

Teman smiled. “It is, at that. Is it uncomfortable?”

Ghalib considered the question then shook his head. “No, not at all.”

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