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Available 1/27/2014

In the distant future, humans wage war against the alien planet Caeorleia, with no tactic off-limits if it will help the humans get their hands on Caeorleia’s resources. Ask Ryker. He thought he volunteered for a simple experiment that would help his government in the war. He didn’t realize sadistic doctors would turn him into the experiment—by injecting him with blood from a captured Caeorleian, Seral Iorflas.

Nor did Ryker realize he’d be sent to sabotage a planet full of the very beings his world is battling, beings who kill humans on sight. But then, thanks to the experiment that irrevocably changed him, he isn’t exactly human any longer—and with each passing day, as his blood bond with Seral strengthens, he’s less and less sure as to whose side he’s on.

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Bear has sworn off guys who try to pick him up at his second
job working as a bartender. His ex, Vilem, damn near turned him off dating
altogether.  Jimmy would flip if he finds
out Bear dated a drug dealer, as if Bear did it knowingly. His career as a cop
only makes his brother more protective.
But Kameron doesn’t try to pick him up at the bar. He
doesn’t ask for a blow job or a back alley screw. He asks Bear out for coffee.
That alone is rare enough to get Bear to say yes. They have an instant
chemistry, even though he will cut the giant off at the knees if Kameron calls
Bear “little guy” one more time.
Kameron’s secrets grow harder to hide the longer he dates
Bear. He wants to come clean, but he knows there’s a very good chance the fiery
man will never speak to him again. Kameron wrestles with his conscience and his
desire for Bear.
Both men’s choices lead to a series of events neither see
coming. Bear believes his judgment failed him once again when he learns exactly
what Kameron was hiding. At the same time, Bear learns Vilem wasn’t just a
corner drug dealer, and some very scary guys are after him.
Can both men survive their encounter with Vilem’s bosses? When bear and Kameron land in a life or death situation, it’s up to Bear to save himself… and Kameron, if he’s lucky.
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Forced out, Tucker was vulnerable and alone. Betrayed by his haitas, he unknowingly drove straight for Pricolici territory. Their alpha claimed him, as a hultan and his mate. Tucker didn’t believe him … at first. Facing an attack from Stelian’s ancient enemy, Tucker found out what he truly was.


They both have secrets they want to hide. Chris isn’t out and
his break-up with a waitress at the restaurant his father owns, and he’s
interning at, results in a lot of pain for someone else. He feels the need to
take care of Niel and is unable to hide how much he wants him. There’s something
about him that draws Chris in. But will he risk people finding out that he’s
gay, disappointing his dad and everyone he knows?
Chris isn’t the only
one hiding who he is though. Niel’s hiding too, only he’s got a bigger secret
than his sexuality. He’s hiding from some very bad … people. Telling Chris
would never be enough; he’d have to show him. But if Niel does that, if he
shares his truth, he’ll put them both at risk.

Can they stay together
with those obstacles between them? Will Chris ever be willing to admit he’s gay
to anyone? Will Niel get the chance to tell Chris who he really is, and will
Chris still want him afterward?


Cason has depended on his ability to guide him in helping others. He is a widely respected Dom, but he never has the same sub twice. Not because he likes to play around, but because all it takes is once with him for them to learn what they truly need. It’s never him….

Vince has been playing around for a little while, but his lack of focus is a problem for every Dom he’s been with. They don’t get him or what he really wants. All they see is the hyperactive sub with grease under his fingernails.
Cason can’t use his ability to help Vince, but he wants to anyway. Can he help the younger man find the peace of being perfectly centered with the right man?

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Take a photographer known for his appreciation of the male form and a group of college athletes willing to pose for the special exhibit he’s been invited to show at for a local gallery. One man catches his eye, but he’s not one of his models… Can Balian get him to pose?

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